Princess roleplay

"Ring the bells, pass the message! The young princess has come of age!" It was what you heard everywhere these days. Young lady Frederique Daisy Delrose, daughter of the king and queen, had just turned 18. Every man with status had recieved a letter of their own, but even in smaller towns those were put on the messages and news spots, so pretty much anyone knew about it. The message read;

For those brave and fair, dare to take my daughter's hand. This message must reach all of our land. Those who want to strive for her, please send a letter to the king with a description of your. We will select the 30 bravest men to allow them to win her heart by all means. Each of these men will recieve a generous bonus and a stay in our palace. They will be in our care for as long as the selection takes until they are sent home.

Yours sincerely,
Queen Melinda Yuna Delrose

The young princess, with hair fair blonde and long and eyes blue as the clearest pools, was the fairest of them all. Everyone was always captured by her beauty. Yet some rumoured about the somewhat sad look they seemed to see in her eyes. What secrets lay behind such a fair face?
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