Damon Salvatore ((Genderbent))

Name: Damona (Damon) Salvatore

Pronunciation: Day-Moh-Na

Age: 24-176

Birthday: June 18, 1839

Year Turned: 1864

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black

Eye Color: Icy Blue

Height: 5'7

Weight: 130lbs

Species: Vampire /Klaus's bloodline (Currently) , Ghost (Formally) Human (Formally)

Sexuality:Straight (Gay for Katherine)

Relationship Status: Single

Taken By: No one

Bestfriend: Deana Winchester

Living Status: Undead-Resurrected

Powers: Super Speed, Strength, Hearing, Smell , Sight, Compulsion, Fog manipulation

Home Town:Mystic Falls Virginia

Verses:The Vampire Diaries

Theme song: "Behind Blue Eyes" by Limp Biskit

Nick names: Demon (By Nicole) , D*ck, Prick, Mate, Vampire Skank, Bitch, Grumpy Panties, Assasain In a skirt, Weapon of Mass Destruction, The fun sister, The Sexy Salvatore, Vampire Bitch! Big Sis.

Quotes; "Dear Diary a chipmunk asked me my name today and I told him it was Joe...That lie will haunt me forever"

"Face it chick you're DEAD get over it "

((Dude has been replaced with chick))

"I love being the eternal Beauty"

((Stud has been replaced with Beauty))

"UGH! When I kill someone they're suppose to stay dead!"

"No no no no and did I mention NO!"

"If I were going to kill 12 witches I wouldn't use a knife, I'd have a dinner party"

Face Claim: Megan Fox

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