Wyatt Halliwell ((Genderbent))

Name:Wyatt Patience Halliwell

Nick Names: Wy, Wise Girl "The over achiever" "The Perfect sister"


Birthday:February 22 1991

Hair Color:Blonde

Eye Color: Blue



Piper Halliwell- Mother

Leo Wyatt-Father

Sexuality:Bisexual/ Female lean

Verses:Charmed/The Vampie Diaries/Harry Potter

Hogwarts House:Gryffindor

Siblings: Chris And Phoenix

Relationship Status: Single

Taken By:No one (Still misses Ryker)

Powers:Orbing, Flying, Telekinesis, Object Casting, Levetation, Empathy, Astro Projection Psychic, Sensing ,Tracking, Telekintic Orbing

Theme song: So What by P!nk

Quotes: "Being Optimistic isn't really about happiness it's about taking whatever life chucks at you and not letting it break you down"

"Magic always works no matter how weird or off it may seem but it always works"

"Just because I'm Blonde doesn't mean I'm Dumb"

"I'm the oldest I make the rules voodoo dolls!" ((To her sisters))

Wyatt is the oldest of the Halliwell trio she's the first daughter of Piper and Leo Halliwell and she known as "The Over Achiever or The Wise One" Do to her level of knowledge and skill. Wyatt stands at 5'8 with long blonde hair with crystal blue eyes much like her aunt Prue whom she also gets her ability of Astro Projection and Telekinesis from. Like the other charmed ones before her Wyatt is a ALL time powerful witch and unlike the others She's twice blessed due to her being the first born to one of the four charmed ones. Wyatt has a wide verity of Powers that she's got from being twice blessed...Such as flying and empathy..most empathy only go up to level 5...Wyatt's is at level 10 which also plays apart in her sensing and tracking ability. Wyatt has the ability to sense and tracks things and people no matter how close or how far Nor cat,Vampire Werewolf ,Demon etc. over all Wyatt is a very smart and skilled witch that is a force to be reckoned with.

Piper Halliwell & Leo Wyatt: Parents who she gets most of her abilities from.

Christina (Chris) Halliwell: Sister, Who is the second oldest, as a strong hate for Vampires due to her boyfriend being killed by one.

Phoenix Halliwell-Salvatore: Baby sister who is also a witch but was turned into a vampire by her husband Damon on their wedding night. ((Read more about her on Page 5 or 6))

Ryker Jameson: Ex-Fiancé who aslo just so happens to be a vampire. Wyatt met Ryker the night that he and his band came to club P3 and performed, The two managed to hit it off pretty well even after he found out that Wyatt was a witch. Four years later into thier relationship Ryker finally preposed to Wyatt after telling her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Not too much time later Wyatt found out that she was pregnant with his child but within 4 months in the pregnancy she lost her child due to a miscarriage. Ryker is played by @Captivating

Face Claim:Ashley Benson
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