Seriously, have you ever met a cat that followed rules?

I might actually read yours.....
but I'm not gonna sign em.
(And I am absolutely NOT going to jump thru any hoops to "prove" I read em.)

I'm still gonna jump up on the counter.
And lick my crotch at inappropriate moments.

Rules are made to be broken.
That's what they're for, right?

I follow my moral compass.
Which flows and changes and ain't nothin' set in stone.


* 18+ only

I'm NOT going to cater to you. I'm not here to please /you/.
I may read your rules. I will do my best to respect /important/ things. But remember, I'm not going to be kissing your ass or jumping through any hoops.

* I prefer quality over quantity.
Sometimes less is more. Five paragraphs of flowery nothing leaves you with... nothing. I want to actually get stuff done, not look at all the pretty words you learned in grade school. Now, if you are long winded and crafting an interesting story, then by all means, write. Key words there, crafting an interesting story.

* My replies will be as long or short as I feel like.

* I'm a grammar Nazi and I have the black SS uniform to prove it. I don't expect perfection, but if your writing is lousy, I'm going to ignore it. If you can't properly form and punctuate a sentence, walk away right now.

* I have ADD irl and can't always focus on what I /want/ to focus on.

* Don't ask if I want to rp. This is an rp site. What else would I be doing here?
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8 | Sep 2nd 2014 00:52
Miss_Thing Hey Shawn, I am a cat for reals.