Another Life (Tana meets MirrorTana)

Tana looked at the raven haired woman.

She knew that hair. She had spent a goodly amount of effort turning the black to blond. After The Change it had stayed white and Tana didn't need to mess with it. Except to dye a green streak and a purple streak.

She knew the woman too.

And it was eerie.

It was herself, standing there, looking back with equally perplexed blue-grey eyes.

There were no piercings either. Or tattoos.

The woman was dressed /normal/.


Middle class.

The raven haired version looked over her bleached counterpart. How much trouble had the woman gone through to get her hair blond? Tattoos? Piercings? (And by the looks of it, there were much more of both hidden behind clothing.)

The white haired opened her mouth and spoke, slowly, carefully, "You're not Tana, are you?"

Raven haired shook her head no.

Trying to keep her emotions in check the light haired said quietly, "You're Tammy."

This statement was greeted with a carefully nodded yes.

The two women looked at each other a long moment.

"What... /didn't/ happen with you?" Tana asked, barely containing her building horror.

"What... happened to /you/?" Tammy asked, wearing the same expression.

Tana gave her first guess. A classic. "Was dad around to raise you and your sisters?"

"No, it was just mom. She met a stable boyfriend though when I was in highschool." Tammy replied.

Tana gave a dumb sounding 'huh.'

A sudden idea gripped Tammy, and she asked in horror, "/Did/ you graduate highschool?!"

Tana snorted, offended. Her nose wrinkled before she replied. "Of course I did!" She added quietly, "Not with the best of grades."

There was a long pause.

"You... don't have /any/ piercings or ink, do you? Anywhere?" Tana asked, the question far more important in her mind then graduating highschool.

"Absolutely not."

"Not even like, your earlobes?"


"Daumnnn," Tana drug out the word. Both looked at the other in building horror.

"So you like... live a normal life, huh?" Tana asked.

Tammy nodded.

"Do you... own your house?" Tana queried, the bolder of the two.

Tammy nodded again.

"It uh... it's a nice place in the suburbs with two stories, a white fence, a garage, a green lawn, and a blue, /new/ SUV in the driveway, huh?" Tana more accused then asked.

"Yes." Curious about the next detail, Tammy held up her hand, silently showing a wedding ring.

"Oh hell, /who/ was it?" The fuck? Tana kinda understood why a couple would want to bond, but marriage? No thank you.

"We met in vet school."

"Wait, you mean one of us actually made it?" Tana asked, both relieved and hating the other woman.

"Yes. We own a practice together now." Tammy scowled as Tana barely silenced a dramatic gag.

"So like... you made the grades. Got into vet school. Met a guy. Got married. And are living the suburban dream?"

"That's about the sum of it, yes." Tammy scowled more, not liking how Tana was twisting her life into a bad thing.

Tana leaned in a little and sniffed. Like an animal. The gesture wasn't missed by Tammy.

"Oh god!" Tana yelped in distressed horror. "You're /human/!" Her greyblue eyes had blown wide.

"I'm, what?" Tammy asked, confused. "Of course I'm human."

Dramatic, Tana took a step back. Away from the normality that was standing before her.

Tana's life flew into her mind, unbidden. She looked at Tammy. "So... you've never broken the windshield on an expensive car? Never fucked a complete stranger? Never run under a full moon with a pack of wolves? Never eaten deer? Rabbit? Elk? Frozen the tip of your tail off during an Alaskan winter? Followed a friggin' alien into a warehouse and nearly gotten your ass handed to you? Never mooned a crowd and been kidnapped by an intergalactic convict which was followed by dubious consent sex? Stowed away in a cargo of exotic nip to wake up on a motherfucking starship? Gotten into a ridiculously fast car with a ridiculously handsome man? Paid for something with a blowjob? Been read the entire LOTR triology by a PTSD marine? Traded blood for money? Lost your favorite bra in some dirty back alley? (That one wasn't sex related!) Gotten hauled in on a public indecency charge? Woken up in a dog catcher's cage? Been chased by a redneck with a burlap bag? Shot at by an insane asshole who tried to blackmail you? Eaten tuna off a solid silver platter? Never mooned a demigod?"

Tana trailed off quietly and added with sadness, "Never lived?"

Tammy just looked at her. What kind of life was all that? "No. I went to vet school. Got married. House, car. We have a black lab and are very /happy/ with a normal, /respectable/ life."

Who the hell was this standing there? It could not be what the same person.

"I don't like you," Tana looked into the mirror bluegrey eyes, frightened.

"I don't like you either." Tammy replied, coldly.

Tana turned. And left.

Surely there was something on the ship she could /break/.
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