Lynx: The Alaska Incident

(scribblings, WIP)


She hadn't told anybody about that winter. Isa knew, but he was there. The whole experience probably had a lot to do with their continued friendship. As warped as that friendship was.

Only people lacking sanity wintered in Alaska.

Darkness. Snow. Subzero temperatures. Snow. Darkness. COLD.

So where was Tana?

In a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Literally the middle of nowhere. The only way in or out? Airplane. Or, if you were as unlucky as Tana, on foot.

Oh yes, she'd /walked/ through the wilds and found this tiny piece of nowhere.


Well, she went to bed the night before, snuggled up on her favorite cat tree. (The one John had gotten her.) The next morning? She'd woken up under a pine tree covered in frost, staring down a hungry lynx.

And that is how Tana's Alaskan Winter had started. Fangs and Fur.

That fight hadn't gone so well. She won. Obviously. Otherwise who would be writing the story?

Large feline fangs sank into the much smaller body before Tana had a chance to bolt. She got free with a well placed (but small) paw full of claws to the other's eye. Damn those fangs had gone deep. Trying to shift back to human to heal the damage... Well, something else happened.

There were two lynxes under the pine tree.

She could think about it later. Weird shit wasn't uncommon.

Much yowling and fur flying ensued.

Not that Tana had actually met a lynx before, something felt off with this one. It wasn't a fellow shifter, but it wasn't just a haphazard forest animal. Again, no time to think about it.

More yowling. More fur flying.

Tana was pretty sure she hadn't really won when the other left. Whatever. She bolted in the opposite direction.

Only when she was literally miles away did she even pause. Tana didn't like this place. It was full of /wild/ animals. And she was plunk in the middle of their territory. Squabbling over what was essentially public space in the city with little domestic critters was one thing. There were freaking wolves and lynx and stuff out here. Hell she didn't even know those other scents.

Tired, eventually, she was forced to stop. She looked down at the different paws. They were huge. It felt safer out here to be larger, and Tana was thankful for what at the moment seemed to be a new gift.

A thought trailed into her mind.

Tana tried to shift. Tried being the key word. Nothing happened.

What in the hell? She had /always/ been able to shift back. Always.

She tried again. Again, nothing.

Panic crept in.

She was lost in the woods. What woods she didn't even freaking KNOW. She had never seen these laylines before. And to further complicate things... she was stuck in one form?

The panic gripped and she took off again. Those large paws and bounding strides had her practically flying over the landscape. It was full of trees. And rocks. And nature-y things. There wasn't a damn hint of anything touched by man. That, in and of itself was frightening. Tana had never before seen landscape without a trace or scent of human. Even "the woods" had hiking trails and hill folk and homeless and campers and humans were always everywhere.

Climbing a hill, she took a good look around. Nothing. Fucking nothing except for the wild, wild landscape. There were plants and coniferous trees. But it was all somewhat sparse. Higher elevation perhaps? The entire place felt more northward then Tana had ever been. Cold and snow sucked.

She had never felt this alone before. Fear continued to grip at her little heart.

That first night sucked. The sun set, and the landscape closed in. Howls echoed in the distance. Shit. She'd never heard /real/ wolves before. Plenty of weres, but no straight up wolves. Every hair on her furry body was on edge each time the call sounded. They were talking, but she didn't know the language.

Lacking a better idea, she caught a nap as far up a pine tree as she could get. At least the wolves couldn't climb. Lots of other things still could. The sleep was too light to be very restful. She missed her carpeted cat tree. Her plush kitty bed. Her hooman's face to sleep on.

After a while the howls got closer. Tana decided it was time to move along. Her tummy growled. There were little critters about. Eventually she caught one. At least she had enough hunting skill to get by. Tana missed tuna. And a never ending supply of all you could eat expensive organic kibble. Served on a silver platter. Ok it was stainless steel and she had found it at the thrift store, but c'mon.

It went like that for a week. She headed south. Passing through other animal's territories. Catching naps. Hunting furry things. Then came a break. It was very small. A clearing between the trees and boulders. It was a trail, only the grass and small bushes had grown in. But there was the scent of dog. It was faint. But it was domestic. Not having a damn better thing to do, she followed it.

Fear and worry eased into wary excitement. The longer she followed the trail, the more teeny, tiny glimpses she caught of human presence. There was even a small cabin along the way. It was boarded up. Having no hands to get into the locks, she passed it by. The bears had already tried, anyway.

After a few more days, there were even cut trees. The small green ones that were trying to grow up in the path had been cleared out. And the smell of dogs had gone from imperceptible to noticeable.

And then, glory. A dirt road. After the unending wilderness, it was like a highway.

Only, she was stuck as a damn lynx. Not like she could stand on the side of the road with her thumb out. Keeping off to the side in the thickest of the bushes, Tana followed along the road a few more miles. Eventually it came to a small town. Town may have been a generous word. Or at least she really hoped there was more to it then she was seeing.

Back to the lynx problem. With a sigh, she settled in to wait for nightfall. Until that moment she hadn't realized how handy being a domestic feline was. Nobody thought twice when they saw her. Was it this annoying for the werewolfs?

Night did eventually fall. The few humans about retired into the shelter of the buildings. Finally. On large silent paws Tana explored the town. Town, indeed, was a generous word. She guessed there was less then a thousand people scattered around the entire area.

There was a small store. She could smell the packaged foodstuffs. A small restaurant of some sort. A tiny, overpriced gas station. Seriously when had gas crept over six dollars a gallon? And, was that a post office? Her eyes caught the starlight as she read a single word.


Holy fucking hell. She had gone to sleep in California, and woken up in ALASKA?!

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