Cherry Vanderworth

Cherry Vanderworth is a rather light hearted soul who exists in the human world. She is originally from France, but was adopted into the Mystic Circus when she was seven years old, and has traveled with them ever since.
The Mystic Circus is a rather magickal place. Their shows are woven into intricate tales the Ring Master spins, with no safety features, and they are plenty dangerous. However, there is another special thing about the circus. Everybody in the show has a specific talent none can best them in. For Cherry? It's her hearing and reflexes.
With hearing rivaling a bat, she is the one who dances as knives are thrown at her, typically catching them blind folded.
She is perfectly happy. However, it does not last.
A man appears in her act, clad in strange armorment with strange silver eyes, and a strange necklace.
Cherry takes him to her tent, trying to tend to the mortal wounds. That is when her life is shifted upside down.
He is a Guardian of a special necklace. A necklace of mystery. His Lady. And he has past his duty of protection onto Cherry.
Now Cherry is in a strange land, completely stripped from her own, and, likely to never return...

Hair: Platinum Blonde/ mid back
Eyes: Feverish Silver (Originally a beautiful moss green)
Skin: Pale/ a few scars on her stomach
Age: 21
Species: Human
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 120
Abilities: Hearing that rivals a bat and inhuman reflexes (mostly due to her hearing)
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