Fuhai Yosei

Character Sheet:

Full Name: Fuhai Yosei
Nicknames: Elements Master/Corrupted Fairy
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Residence: Traveling
Occupation: Contest Star
Description: Long white hair, Right eye: Ice blue Left: green, 5’ 4”, 120 Lbs, Hourglass,
Personality: Quiet and withdrawn, opens up during a battle or contest
Clothing: A black and white school uniform, A flowing black and white dress that looks similar to an old doll's dress, Silvery white ball gown.
Special Abilities: Very deep emotional bond with her pokemon
Likes: Music and books
Dislikes: People who are very loud at first, big crowds when she isn’t on a stage or signing things for her fans.
Badges: N/A
Team: Umbreon (Tsuki) Male, Shiny
Dark Pulse, Dig, Return, Covet
Espeon (Yoake) Female
Psychic, Swift, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis
Glaceon (Minto) Female
Ice Beam, Iron Tail, Frost Breath, Take Down
Leafeon (Kusamura) Female
Grass Knot, Grass Whistle, Leaf Blade, Protect
Sylveon (Nympia) Female
Fairy Wind, Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Trump Card
Vaporeon (Raina) Female
Hydro Pump, Surf, Water Pulse, Iron Tail
History: Fuhai was raised by her adopted parents who were well known breeders, taking in every pokemon who was never claimed and as time went on Fuhai bonded with 6 eevees left in the daycare when they were never claimed. She grew up watching contests and battle royals on the family television and swore that she would grow up to be the best contest star she could, her parents deeply supported her vision and helped her make pokeblocks for her eevees as well as make her dresses to show their support. One day her parents left on a shopping trip to the city and never returned home, they were killed in a car accident and Fuhai was sent to live her older sister who had married and moved away two years earlier. Fuhai shut herself down, becoming reclusive and almost afraid to get close to anyone. She spent all her time training for contests and battles, still wanting to see out her dreams for her parents sake. When she turned 16 she began traveling to see out her dreams, her pokemon all fully evolved at her side.
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