RPC Adalytha

Name: Adalytha Louke
Age: 16
Personality: Calm, Reserved, Quiet
Bio: Adalytha, or Ada, was the girl with the beautiful eyes, but voice-less. Well, she had a voice, but no one had ever heard it. Never since her mother's death when she was little. Her father tried everything, but she had lost it. For the longest time, she'd also lost her will to live. Now, she lives for her father, to give him a reason to live. They were all each other had of their mother. Both were distant towards. She was once visited by her mother, in her dreams from the after life. Her mother gave her a piece her soul to keep within her forever, so she would never be lonely, and she wasn't. That soul was visible in her eyes, it was what turned her pale grey eyes to a beautiful ice-y blue. One day, she would speak again. She just needed to find the courage to speak again. Someone who could convince her to.
Birthmarks/Scars: She has a scar over her neck, which is what made her temporarily incapable of speech, that eventually lead to her permanent silence.
Weapons/Items: She holds a heart locket dear to her, the only thing she has from her mother that was tangible. In the locket was her mother, and her.
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