Name: Nikolai Wayne
Age: 19
Personality: Calm, Thoughtful, Protective
Bio: Nikolai grew up in a small town, peacefully, with his sister. He was always looking out for her, and taking care of her while their parents worked. They didn't care for anything else as long as they had each other, that's all they needed. Until one day, his parents didn't come home. For weeks, they were by themselves, waiting for their next shipment of food or money so they could go out. It didn't strike them that many people had gone missing. Until Nikolai flipped through the news. What he saw on tv changed everything. Lenni, his little sister freaked out, and both ran to their rooms to collect items they would need, before running out, and far away from the chaos that was to become of their town- of their world. The helicopters had left before they could have made a ride, and soon it was just up to them to survive on their own. They did fine, until Nikolai lost Lenni. He was never the same after that.
Birthmarks/Scars: He has a bad scar across his lower chest, having caught himself under a still moving vehicle and cutting it.
Weapons/Items: He carries a small axe, and a rather large dagger, and upon his hip a small pistol, which he withholds until he absolutely needs it.
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