RPC Saphora

Name: Saphora
Age: 17
Personality: Timid, shy, obedient
Bio: Heir to her kingdom, Saphora was born a sweet princess in the reserved lands of Abaurithuania. It was a peaceful place, until their rivaled kingdom Cieddani invaded and took over. They eliminated the queen, and the king died while ensuring that his sweet princess was taken safely away from there. Her bodyguard, a lower ranked knight escorted her away from the raid, before being targeted by spies of the rivals. The tiny princess, only five years old had barely survived the raid, hiding in the broken carriage while her only protector was slaughtered before her. Thinking the princess had been eliminated in the crash, they ran off, leaving the injured princess to die. She crawled out the carriage window, climbing out the window of the carriage and cutting her leg slightly, she crawled to safety and looked around. One of the carriage horses had gotten it's cut rope stuck in the tangled brush. Making her way to it, she freed the animal, and the two slowly made their way out of the kingdom's territory. The two became dependent on each other for survival, until they finally reached the city of Nydorev. There, Saphora learned to use her survival skills to retrieve medicines and food for both her and her horse. After turning 14, met another orphan who wanted nothing more than a good home and a roof over his head, and he'd do anything to get it. When he befriended Saphora, he knew how wanted she and her horse had become. So he offered to help her on one of her raids, and turned her in at the last second. She was caught by fellow townsman, and separated from her beloved horse as she was sold away for money to men who used her for sexual purposes. She went from home to hold being used and abused. She was repeatedly sold again as because of cutting her leg, she permanently damaged it since she never recieved the proper care for it. Eventually she ran away, trying to find her mare, though she was caught and sold into another home. However, this last home wasn't as cruel to her. She wasn't constantly scolded or beaten or abused like in the others. It felt more like a home, and she soon fell in love with her "master".
Birthmarks/Scars: She has a small band of freckles across her nose, and many scars from being abused in her home's by her master's. She hides them the best she can.
Weapons/Items: She has a necklace she hides around her neck from her mother as a parting gift, which is all she in remembrance in her.
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