Hair Color: Bald (Brown if he had any)

Eye Color: Brown

Verses: Lucifer (Fox TV Show)

Weapon(s): His Wings

Species: Angel

Wing Color: Black

Face Claim: DB Woodside

Quotes: "Your return to the underworld has been requested"

"I never expected my brother to change careers as he did, now I'm begining to know why"

POWERS:...Angel Physiology & Powers: As an angel, Amenadiel has their powers, including superhuman strength and reflexes, immortality, flight, shape-shifting (being able to hide his wings). However, Amenadiel was Formally weakened and his wings were damaged.

Chronokinesis: Amenadiel is able to slow down time when he converses with his brother Lucifer, able to thus keep his presence on Earth invisible to humans and move through crowds of them undetected. Lucifer implied that he could travel through time. He has also demonstrated using his ability to make objects fall in slow motion. For unknown reasons, his abilities over time had begun to wane, as he soon began to only be able to keep time slowed for a moment, not for as long as he wanted, this caused his abilities to suddenly wear off without his control, notably revealing himself to the people at Chloe's precinct as having sneaked into her office. Also while trying to keep a handful of rocks suspended in mid air with his time abilities, they suddenly fell to the floor without his control. After a short period of time Amenadiel discovers that he has full control over his powers and that his wings are fully repaired after fighting off 25 security guards when Lucifer was dying.

Resurrection: When a dying Malcolm was taken off the machine, Amenadiel brought him back to life from his ward window.

Expert Combatant: Amenadiel is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, able to swiftly gain the upper hand against the demon Maze in a duel, even mocking her.

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