Bethanie Wilson

Name: Bethanie Paige Wilson

Age: 19

Birthday: August 15, 1997

Height: 5'7


Hair Color: Brunette/ Auburn

Eye Color: Hazel


Theme Song: Gangsta by Kehlani


Specie's: Human/Witch

birth place: Autumn Falls Ohio

Resides: Autumn Falls Ohio.

Powers: Invisibility, Astro Projection, Telepathic, Telekinesis, Empath, Shape shifting.

Pets: Midnight ((Black Cat))

Weapons: Book of shadow's, Her

Face Claim: Madison Beer

Relationship Status:Single

Personality traits: Kind , Smart, Sweet hearted, laid back Chill, Socially awkward.

Bethanie, (Beth) Is a 19 year old witch that was raised in Toronto Canada, even though that she along with her sister was born in Autumn Falls Ohio. The young witch and her family moves to the enchanted city when they hear the news that her grand father had passed away. Beth is seen as the "Smart girl" of their town, she's young and adventures even though she dose have percaution's of some of the choices that she makes, being a witch of her blood line makes her powerful especially the fact that she lives in a town where it's the fall season all the time. Over all Beth is a strong girl and very mature for her age she is known to for out witting anyone she comes across that has bad intentions. Beth is a teen who loves to have fun and very kind and shy but is most definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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