Apocalypse OC

Name: Cassandra May (nickname: Cassie)
Age: 19
Height: 5'1

Description: brown hair, green eyes, pale skin. She has a mechanical leg do to it getting infected and needing for it to be chopped off. Cassie has a small frame, almost really skinny do to not eating much with the world being how it is.

Background: not much is known about her background other than before the world went to sh*t she had a family. One she was really close to. But once the world fell, she got separated from her family and has been trying to get back to them.

Personality: Cassie is a spitfire of a girl. Constantly bickering with others about different things. Though, a part of her can be sweet and down to earth. She is self conscious about her mechanical leg and tends to wear pants all the time to hide it.

Likes: coffee, comic books, and tickering with electronics.

Wants: to find her family again. No matter how long it might take.
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