You're Too Slow! (Rules)

1. Patience: I have the attention span of a turtle, so if I forget to respond just remind me. As long as you're not spamming me every two minutes for a reply I'll get back to you. Also, bear in mind I'm way more active on Discord. It's my go-to platform, so if you want a platform where I'm more active just add me on there.

2. Fight RPS: I don't mind them, but I don't want any cheap bs. No godmodding, or powerplaying crap whatsoever. If you act like your character is impervious to pain, or uses OOC knowledge to gain an upper hand? At that point, I'm not interested in it anymore. Also, vary up your attacks at the bare minimum.

3. Shipping/romance: I don't care for this too much, it's not something I actively seek out but I'm not completely opposed to it. As long as there's genuine chemistry it's a solid maybe. If it's one-sided or forced though hard pass for me by far. Also, it can't be the main focus of a storyline there has to be something else for me to get around to it.

4. No smut/ero: Look, if you're into that kinda thing that's fine. I have no interest in writing it though. So if you're here to get your rocks off, either go to Pornhub, screw a prostitute, or add someone else who's into that. I have zero interest in writing of this caliber so don't pressure me into writing it.

5. No drama: I don't care who said what, or even if it involves me I'm not interested in it. The only time I'll remotely hear you out in this caliber is if you're exposing a pedophile or something that's about it. Aside from that, I'm not interested in gossip, or mudslinging. If you have a problem with me that's fine either tell me and talk it out, or block me just that simple.

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2 | Jun 11th 2024 06:20
hack / Read and Understood! <3
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Glimmer seems all good