Malia Rosefire [ Star Wars : I • II • III ]


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model name /
+ Malia. meaning, of calm, serene and peaceful.
+ zidonia. meaning, of i made that sh*t up but it's to dedicate her father, Xidorn origin.
+ rosefire. meaning, of her father's side of the family origin.
+ history of name. She was named by Xidorn, her middle name was given by Tari, shockingly enough. Zaelya is her true name that Tari named her, but Malia kept Malia because she felt it was more humanizing and not like something of the dark side [Darth Zaelya is fire tho]

also known as /
aliases, nicknames, code names.
+ Mal. meaning or explanation. Short for Malia.
+ 'lia. meaning or explanation. Anakin's affectionate nickname for her.

date of activation /
date of birth [ xx/xx/41BBY ]
+ age. 23 years. [ legal. ]

place of activation /
place of birth.
+ raised. on a planet called Nesrin, her home planet. Then, she was brought to Coruscant to become a Jedi.

country of origin /
+ citizenships. listed below.
+ one. [ by birth. ] NESRINIAN
+ two. [ by marriage. ] N/A

location and status / home planet Nesrin
current residence.
+ status. target identified. [ last recorded unknown // ]
+ vital status. alive.
+ criminal status. innocent / framed / most wanted / on the run.
+ shipping status. single / dual / multi. [ open ]
+ marital status. unmarried. [ single ]

species /
name of species. human.
+ gender. here. [ she/her. ]
+ sexuality. here. [ bi ]

occupation /
+ previous. A former child slave who worked under Watto alongside Anakin Skywalker.
+ other. Jedi Knight.
+ affiliation(s). padawan turned knight of the Jedi Order.
face-claim /
name. Diana Guerrero
+ alternative. list here.
+ voice-claim. Diana Guerrero [ recording. ]
+ general appearance. She's thicker and taller than her face claim. Chubby and proud to be. Her nose is big.

persona /
moral alignment.
+ positive traits. Caring, kind, gentle
+ negative traits. short-tempered, worries too much, overthinks too much
+ neutral traits. She's too calm at times, it worries others. Has resting bitch face.
+ likes. Her friends, Anakin, destroying things with her lightsaber, reading, drawing and writing.
+ dislikes. war, conflicts, being pit up against people she cares for, negative feelings that are so intense, she feels like she'd never come out of it, the dark side.
+ motivations. To help those who remind her of herself and Anakin when they were children. Weak and unable to defend themselves.
+ fears. the dark side, being alone, fighting against people she loves.
health /
described below.
+ physical condition. She's got a few scars littering her body such as her back, her arms, and calves. There are a few across the bridge of her nose and her right cheek. There's a long scar wrap around her neck.
+ psychological condition. PTSD from the ongoing Clone Wars.
+ medications. None, she can't even get herself a therapist.
+ mobility devices + augmentations. here.
stats /
identified below.
+ strength. 7.5/10.
+ agility. 6.5/10.
+ endurance. 5/10.
+ intelligence. 8/10.
+ emotional maturity. 7/10.
+ combat skills. 8.5/10.
+ stealth. 6.5/10.
+ power control. 8.5/10.
+ other. 4.5/10.
connections /
identified below.
+ Anakin Skywalker. Childhood best friends who grew up together on the planet Tatooine, struggling as slaves under a Toydarian named Watto. Anakin and Mal met when a bunch of bounty hunters were chasing the young girl through Mos Eisley. Anakin saved her life with the help of Shmi Skywalker.
+ Vixyn I'darro (my best friend's oc). Best and closest friends. They're like siblings and they like to cause chaos and trouble for the whole Jedi Order.
+ Obi-Wan Kenobi. Father and brother figure. They met when Mal was only 9 years old.
+ Tari Llyander. birth mother. [ written by axyn. ]
+ Xidorn Rosefire. birth father. [ written by axyn. ]

# SUBJECT HISTORY // my name is malia rosefire. I was the daughter of a jedi master named Xidorn Rosefire and Nesrinian queen by the name of Tari Llyander. I grew up a princess meant to rule my mother's home planet as future queen when my mother and father had gotten into a huge fall-out with one another. My mother wanted me to become as corrupted as her, whereas my father wanted me to remain pure and to follow my dreams. My mother did not like that and everything fell apart from there. She chased my father and I out of her kingdom and her home planet to which he quickly fled off in his ship with me back to Coruscant in hopes of raising me back at the Jedi Temple in secret. My father was then killed when we crash landed on a planet called Tatooine, following the bounty hunters seeking me out in order to get rid of my mother's bloodline if I weren't to take on the throne based on her own way of ruling. From then on, I was chased from Mos Espa to Mos Eisley when I came across a blond haired young boy my age... and from then on... I became a Jedi Knight and found myself losing everything once again.
researcher /
identified below.
+ name. AXYN / Angela
+ age. legal / 23 / born in 2000.
+ pronouns she/her.
+ time-zone. central time.
+ writing style. descriptive. [ sample. ]
+ main account. here.

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