The Queen

She has been delayed the previous evening due to an appointment at the hospital. Qi had a serious talk with her, regarding the problem, mainly the causes, but she was not helpful nor willing to tell him the truth. In any case, he gave her more medications and instructions, to deal with the problem. She'll be fine in about a week of medications, but Qi insists on visiting her again in the end just in case.

After the medicines, she collapses in bed very fast. Usually she has a light sleep, but with them, no problem at all. XD
She wakes up in the morning and gets ready. She ties her hair in a ponytail, wears a full leather attire, a belt with several weapons, armoured forearm covers and boots. When she is about to leave, Ryun approaches, wanting to go with her, but she leaves him in the room with Boothill.
With all ready, she heads to the military camp to see her team.
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LianSul «It would have been wiser to do so earlier, now we are nearing the end of the mission.» He smiles.
As they reach the nest, he summons his sword and his cloth, not intending to take any chance. He feels responsible for all the others and doesn't want them to get hurt.
He listens to her plan and nods. «Blocking the entrance won' a problem. And I can distract the queen, assuming she will find me sufficiently appealing.» He is shiny, how could she not.
«I am ready.» He motions the soldiers to take care of the arrow shooting.
Irya "Unless you want to offer me a drink, we won't keep meeting that often. You'll make little use of my name." She shrugs.
Her eyes widen for a moment as he summons those. "Fuck, this is cool.
Then It's on you.. strategy is set, let's begin." She hides nearby, letting the soldiers take down the outside hornets themselves. When that's done, she rushes to the nest, setting her explosive talismans all around. She then looks at LianSul, motioning him to go ahead and block.
Once It's all ready, she lets the talismans explode, causing quite a mess, burning the nest with the hornets inside. Explosions, screams of pain. Of course the fire is magical and it won't spread but it won't even stop burning fast.
Soon, a massive hornets breaks free. The queen is on fire too, damaged. And she aims to attack Irya first of all, actually giving her a hard time. She drops the talisman while dodging the attacks. "LianSul! Change of plan!" She keeps avoiding the queen. "I'll distract her!" As soon as she has a chance, she stops, unsheating her sword and trapping the Queen into an illusion. Her eyes like fire as she stares at the massive hornet, the blade of her sword covered in pink fire. The others can see the illusion but it is not damaging them in any way - a wall of fire all around and the hornet trapped in fiery chains.
LianSul «I can offer you a drink at my home. Even a dinner, if so you please.» In company of his beloved wife and son.
He blinks at her compliment. Even his great-great-grandchildren haven't prepared him enough for youth language.
He sticks to his side of the plan, trying his best to protect the soldiers and Irya while they proceed with the fight.
When Irya tells him to, he quickly rushes to pick up the talisman and while she keeps the queen blocked with her illusion, he leaps at the monster to attach the talisman on its body.
Irya "A dinner? It is not that you are making some other plan?" Of course she is thinking about something dirty. She finds LianSul interesting enough to consider. XD
"Move quickly!" She says when LianSul manages to set the talisman on the queen. She quickly gets behind a tree to avoid the impact of the major explosion.
She slowly stands up, keeping her eyes closed and holding her head. She lets out a slight groan but tries to restain any sign of pain. The illusion was really a big deal for her, who hasn't a proper control of It yet.
She is struggling to even open her eyes for pain.
LianSul «Other plans? Not at all, it is what I meant, at dinner at home.» He is way too honourable to even consider to cheat on his wife, unfortunately.
He moves away from the explosion, but is caught in the shockwave. It doesn't cause him any harm, though, his cloth makes him even more tough.
When everything quietens down, he looks around at the others, to see how they are doing, noticing that Irya is in pain.
He runs towards her and quickly checks on her. «We need to take you to the hospital, immediately…» he says with urgency in his tone.