The Wolf

Character Sheet: The Wolf

- Name: Alexander Grey

- Occupation: Wanderer, Solitary Werewolf

- Physical Description:
- Build: Lean and agile, with a lithe frame built for speed and stealth
- Fur: Slate gray, blending seamlessly with the shadows of the night
- Eyes: Silver and piercing, reflecting the wisdom and solitude of a lone predator (blue while in wolf form)
- Distinctive Feature: A scar over his left eye, a reminder of past battles and the price of his independence

- Personality Traits:
- Independent: Prefers solitude and freedom over the constraints of pack life, answering only to his own instincts and desires
- Adaptive: Thrives in ever-changing environments, utilizing his resourcefulness and cunning to survive in the wild
- Mysterious: Keeps his past and true intentions shrouded in secrecy, revealing little to those he encounters on his journey
- Guarded: Trusts few and forms bonds sparingly, wary of attachments that may compromise his autonomy

- Background:
- Pack Disavowal: Renounced his ties to pack life, disillusioned by the politics and restrictions of pack hierarchy
- Nomadic Existence: Wanders the wilderness and urban sprawl alike, a solitary figure traversing the world without a fixed destination
- Survival Instincts: Learned to rely on his instincts and adaptability to thrive in diverse landscapes and climates

- Abilities:
- Stealth and Subterfuge: Moves silently and unseen, blending into the shadows and striking swiftly when the need arises
- Enhanced Senses: Possesses acute senses of smell, hearing, and sight, allowing him to navigate his surroundings with ease and detect potential threats from afar
- Feral Fury: Unleashes primal savagery in combat, tapping into the untamed ferocity of his wolf nature to overwhelm opponents
- Mastery of Transformation: Shifts between human and wolf forms effortlessly, embracing the freedom and power each form offers

- Interests/Hobbies:
- Exploration: Finds solace and excitement in discovering new territories and hidden landscapes, constantly seeking new horizons
- Moonlit Hunts: Roams under the cover of night, hunting prey beneath the glow of the moon, a testament to his primal instincts and connection to nature
- Stargazing: Contemplates the vastness of the cosmos, finding peace in the silent expanse of the night sky

- Goals/Motivation:
- Freedom: Cherishes his independence above all else, refusing to be bound by the expectations or obligations of others
- Self-Discovery: Embarks on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to understand his place in the world and the true nature of his existence
- Balance: Strives to find balance between his human and wolf sides, embracing both aspects of his identity without succumbing to the darkness within
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