☆ No one liners! If you only can do one to two lines I will not add you and please do not add me as I will not accept you.

☆ As stated in my profile bio, I roleplay as both Males and Females. That means I do FxF, FxM and MxM pairings.

☆ I will send a Google Doc that has all my characters on them, feel free to choose which one you like the best and we can set a story for our characters.

☆ Please no overly bratty characters. Also no mary-sue type characters.

☆ I do not roleplay anything that includes Slave play or anything that may include Sexual Torture, Abuse, Humiliation or anything like that. My characters are not going to degrade your characters and I expect the same back.

☆ Do not rush me for a reply, we all have lives outside of RP and as much as I love to RP sometimes I can not reply immediately. That being said if I don't reply within 3 days please feel free to bump me.

☆ I don't mind giving out a discord HOWEVER I will not do it immediately. I will only give it to people who I've already started a roleplay with and we've been going for a while.

♡ If you've read this far tell me what your favorite kind of drink is either below or in your first message ❤

☆ These rules are likely to change or have more added at some point if I deem it necessary based on further replies with people.
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10 | May 15th 2024 14:33