Tharinda ❤


Name: Tharinda
Nickname: Rinda
Age: (Varies depending on roleplay)


Height: 6'5
E/C: White
H/C: Blue
Tail: Teal with a flowy end.
Clothes: N/A (She's a siren lol)
Misc: There are grey and white tattoos placed around her body, including her tail.


Tharinda is a siren hidden in deep dark waters. It is possible for sirens to be disguised as humans, but it's not very common in all of them and is a pretty special gift that Tharinda doesn't know if she has yet. Yes, there are other sirens, but they aren't the nicest creatures, not even to each other. In fact the siren world is hard and rough. They don't express anything but anger and jealousy towards each other. Tharinda is pretty cold hearted like all the other sirens. She likes going to the surface of the water and lurk at all the pirate ships, luring them with her song. Well, she did. Years ago when Tharinda was doing this she fell in love with one of the pirates she had lured which was a big mistake. She ended up never killing him. That was until one day, one of the other sirens had killed him their self and Tharinda had never been back up to surface every again in fear of falling in love once again.


Tharinda's life was hard immediately when she was hatched from her egg. Her mother had to teach her how to hunt, lure, and just about everything. Her mother often left her behind too, which in siren infested water is dangerous even for the younger sirens. Though this, her mother also didn't show a lick of affection to her daughter. In fact, it was pretty common for mothers to kill their young, so she was lucky enough for her mother to show her anything. Luckily Tharinda didn't have to worry about getting eaten or dying, but she almost did when her mother found out about her love for the pirate. Her mother was angry and killed that pirate with her own two webbed claws. This of course made Tharinda very angry. She fought her mother and killed her. Ever since that day, Tharinda hasn't been up to see another pirate ship in years.
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