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name | cherry / nico
age | twenty-two
ojd | 2018(?)
acc | @teddy
characters |

active ♡ @bratty @private @hatred @center @pervert
semi-active ♡ @chosen @lowkey @sugary

connections wanted.


one | be over 18. i do not feel comfortable roleplaying with minors.

two | do not try to force romance between our characters. please, let's develop things slowly. i'd much rather have solid friends here than anything else.

three | most, if not all, of my characters deal with triggering topics. i make sure to tag posts accordingly, but if you feel uncomfortable, please unadd me. you're also responsible for the content you consume.

four | do not take my character's words as my own. they're a character and will say and do things i may not agree with. i'm not them! if you have a problem with their behavior, please unfriend me. do not try to lecture me out of character.

five | i have a life outside of the site, and often struggle with time management. if i take a bit to respond, know i'm not ignoring you. i either forgot or have a lot of things to get to.

six | no out-of-character drama. i'm a chill, friendly admin, and am always down to make new friends. but i've had bad experiences before and won't let them ruin my time here. if you have any problem with me, either talk about it with me or unfriend me.
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