character list and short description of their plot

Trinket - a living porcelain doll with limited memory and understanding animated by an amalgamation of pieces multiple souls procured by her creator. a grief-stricken disillusioned priest.

Sophie A - a woman in her mid-twenties kidnapped and held prisoner by a man who used to be her neighbor, who's over the course of several years forced her to mentally regress to an undefinable age and act as a child to survive him, becoming angry when she acts her true age.

Sophie B - Sophie is a half vampire whose been alive for centuries stuck between human and vampire, she's kept that why by her father who turned her against her will after killing her mother and two foster families over the course of a couple years.

Daenys Targaryen - is the only younger sister of Rhaenyra and the twin sister of Baelor. both twins survived the birth along with their mother though the trauma their birth caused to her body left Aemma unable to bare anymore children. she is sweet and very, very delicate and rather sheltered from the outside world.

Charlotte - becomes the young lover and mistress of the king far from her humble beginnings as the daughter and young widow of a member of the landed gentry (inspired by both Elizabeth Woodville and Margaret Beaufort but can fit in any time period pre-1600)

Teagan - an experienced nurse and midwife who through a combination of factors has found herself thrown back in time via a brooch she inherited from her grandmother, who incidentally warned her it was a possible outcome of owning the brooch. the brooch allows her to travel back and forth through time but only on the night of the new moon and only if the brooch has been cleansed in running river water and left to dry under the crescent moon beforehand, it also restricts her to traveling to her own time period and back, she can never go to the future. (best for historical romance or adventure)

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