Rules Rules, who needs them! Us apparently.

Don't be an ass

You add, you talk. Please don't add me then not say anything.

Do not rush me for answers, I have a life which revolves around being a workaholic. I will try and keep you updated on what I'm doing though.

I apologize in advance if my hyper fixation habit pulls me away from the rp and I drop off the planet.

Again, no children, gotta be 18 or up or I wont add you.

I wont add if you do not have some sort of bio or pic in some way on your blog.

Erp is encouraged heavily with plot. I'm willing to be either male or female, Dom or sub, I can do both.

I lean towards fantasy but am willing to try branching out.

While I dont mind some darker preferences I do have limits. I wont do incest, cheating, or teacher-student style dynamics.

I'm not too picky on grammar bit please be able to write or two paragraphs. I like derails, thus one liners will get you unadded.

Don't start with a rp I like to talk about it. I also do not rp in first person or as myself.
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6 | May 15th 2024 00:02