☆ Name Information ☆

Full Name: Paitoon Charoensuk

☆ Personal Information ☆
Sex: male
Age(and how old they look): 26
Orientation/Sexual preference: gay
Nationality: Korean/ Thai
Spoken languages: Italian, Korean, Thai, English

☆ Appearence ☆
Height: 5’9ft
Eye color(s): dark brown
Body build(slim, muscular, etc.):
Hair color(s): black
Hair length: short
Skin: tannes
Tattoos(what they are and where): a hidden one on his hip bone (Mostrami pietà - show me mercy
Piercings(what they are and where): ears
Scars: On his right side


Current faith(religion): none
Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.): single
Occupation: business man/ Mafia Heir

Family -
mother- Byun MiHi
father- Noran Charoensuk
Pets - none

Mental-health-issues- PTSD, anger issues, anxiety

The beach

Being around his family
People being too loud

Page grew up in Thailand, His mother was a famous Korean model and his father was the leader of a mafia family. The pair fell in love and married and of course had Page. He was raised into the family training to fight and how to rule the family. He didn’t know much else, he enjoyed reading in the time he had. His first fight was at school at the age of 14, unfortunately he lost his temper and broke the boys arm and was suspended from school. This was when his father taught him his first lesson about getting into that much trouble, he had his men beat him and one slashed his side. The scar still there now.

As he grew he became cold and quiet. He didn’t like being around people, he pushed all people away. Never experienced things people would, relationships were a no go and he stuck to random one night stands.

That was until he was 20 he met a young man named Gabriel, the young man was artistic and into music, soft and gentle. The very opposite to what he had experienced and they quickly fell in love, when he was smitten, but it was not meant to be after a year of dating, they were out walking when a car drove by spraying the area In bullets, he thought he had gotten Gabriel down in time but he hadn’t. To his surprise he looked to see his shirt covered in blood and he was holding a dying Gabriel. He called an ambulance but by the time it got there he had died in his arms.

After the incident his father sent him to Korean under the umbrella of the family business but really it was them trying to branch out to Korea. He is now the CEO of Chareon limited a company that says they do import and export but really they are just moving weapons around.
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