RP Disclaimer!

Be advised all parties reserve the right to immediately stop an interaction at anytime.

Reasons I might end an interaction;

⮞The story has progressed to a point I don't know how to proceed from.
⮞You Continue to disregard my personal time, this includes;

⠁Sending mass massages after I've stated/mentioned a delay
⠁Overusing the Q&A Forum to ask for replies
⠁Abusing the comment ability to harass for a reply

⮞Whenever I am experiencing a delay I'll do my best to inform you. If I have not posted to you directly, updated my status about delays or responded over a week, go ahead and give me a nudge.

⮞I won't participate in Roleplay's using real people/pics such as celebrities or yourself
⮞When in active [Roleplay] All my responses will be in Third Person when referring to myself or Second when referring to someone other than my self/third party/your oc.
⮞Please be sure to differentiate between IC [In character] and OOC (Out of character) Conversations
⮞I will not engage in any romantic intimate Roleplays with anthropomorphic Oc's
⮞I Roleplay with any/all genders identities MxM || MxF || FxF
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