Rules to follow.

• If I requested to add you, I can start us off on our roleplay.
• I am free to accept or deny your requests as I please.
• No anime, wrestling, OOC, (book, tv series), or status-only accounts will not be accepted.

• No complaining, bullying, or trolling. Be friendly and civilized.
• Both long-term and short-term roleplays are fine
• My ideals and morals are not to be reflected in the expression/actions/thoughts of my OC.

• I roleplay for fun, but it’s not an obligation. I will interact with almost anyone. However, if I want to stop or am not feeling up to RPing, don’t take it personally.
• We could start immediately based on short paragraphs or discuss it first.

• No need to be perfect, but at least use proper English

• Smut(only if there is a connection) and angst mostly but not okay with the following: godmodding, rape, sexism, racism, animal abuse, and underage sex.
• Many roleplays may contain explicit themes.

• Inbox ONLY
• Prefer Third Person POV
• Prefer paragraph or longer.

• My time zone is GMT-4, so I usually post on the weekends; no need to rush each other.

— OC (Original Character) —
• I’m OC-friendly; feel free to introduce me to your fantastic character(s).
• Shipping is welcome as long as there’s relationship development first.
• OCC (Out Of Character) and IC (In-Character) knowledge should be separated during role play. (Meaning: what YOU, the writer, know and what your OC knows are completely DISTINCT!)

Questions? Please don’t be afraid or shy to PM me.

• Enjoy writing; no pressure. Write as we wish, freedom within limits.
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