Agnar Bardasson info

Agnar Bardasson was born in the year AD 706 in the village of Ribe in what is now known as the country of Denmark, his father was a well known warrior as well as his mother being a shield maiden. He was taught to fight from an early age and known for his knowledge on battles. At the age of Eighteen though he found himself being cut down on the battlefield, he laid there for hours hoping Oden would allow him to die and go to Valhalla with the other warriors that had fallen. As the moon settled into the sky above him that night he was found by a nomadic vampire who found pity on Ivor and bit him. The transformation was painful and after three long days he awoke, the vampire that turned him explained everything to him before teaching him to hunt. He traveled with the vampire named Viktor for a few hundred years before Agnar started traveling on his own. In the 1700's Agnar met the Volturi for the first time where Eleazar told him of his gift once Aro realized he could not read his mind or memories, it was even more shocking when they found that Demetri could not track the tenors of his mind. He soon left Italy and went back to traveling alone. Over the next couple hundred years he found himself visiting Eleazar and others he had met over his immortal life.

Modern times
Sticking to the nomadic lifestyle Agnar still stays on the move though he has picked up on the technology of the times and has a phone so those who know him can reach him if they need help. He has found a love for photography and usually has a camera in his hands. He has given the diet that Eleazar and his coven follow but finds himself slipping up and drinking Human blood from time to time.
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