I felt your signal, only I saw the light

"There's beauty in nothing, staring through the windowpane..."

general info

name – nishimura riki
nicknames – riki, niki, nishi
alias – kiko
pronouns – he/him
sexuality – pansexual
age – eighteen
birthday – december 9, 2005
occupation – social worker, apprentice.
relationship status – single.


faceclaim – nishimura riki
voiceclaim – nishimura riki
height – 6’0
hair – black
eyes – brown
scars – none.
piercings – five total (3 on his right. 2 on his left ear).
tattoos (not canon) – three total.
ᅳ FATE, on the back of his neck.
ᅳ Cyber Sigilism wings, on his shoulder baldes.
ᅳ Cyber Sigilism, “Reverse” tramp stamp.

ᅳ nishimura ishihara. mother
ᅳ nishimura miura. father
ᅳ nishimura konon. older sister
pets – a guinea pig. (black and white, named blaster.)
exes – (pretty.)

mbti – esfp
love language :
recieving – physical affection.
giving – acts of service.
attitude –enthusiastic and observant. friendly and outgoing.
likes – playing video games. dancing with his sister. finding new hobbies.
dislikes – disorganization, loud noises (outside of work), lack of privacy (with family).
hobbies – CTF competitions. programming and scripting. bug bounty hunting.


color – black.
animal – guinea pigs.
flower – bird of paradise.
food – unagi. dumplings.
ᅳ silk lingerie- GHOST DATA.
ᅳ fishbowl - Valley.
movie – Blade Runner 2049.
season – spring.

"... Is there someone out there who can just take my place?"
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