At the end Avi escaped from the situation creating some confusion in the tavern. He decided to stop for now to scam people or he can be less lucky the next time.
He changed hair color since he uses a wig to exit at night.
He is walking in the market.
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Aventurine_ °I will not mess with you, it would be pointless since you will stay alert. There is no fun now.
I was joking I don't need other names but if the guards asks me I could answer that name.
I both a flower and a jewel but you can choose.°
He looks at JingYuan, °Oh you noticed, this is just a style matter. I look good this way?
Please don't go around telling people I am a bad person, let them find out on their own or I will have no more fun.°
Not_THAT_WonPil «I mean that when people mess up with me, I tend to react quite loudly and sometimes even violently. But I really can't go back to prison, so i must behave…» he says in a lower tone, hoping She'er is not around!!
«Just don't tell anything about me to the guards… I doubt the real guy could get in troubles if you use his name, he sure didn't come here.»
He is not too surprised by Jingyuan's reaction to HaiTien. XD «Because we are in a relationship, in three. I think he is the son of the queen of Shuguang, he brought us to his fancy residence in the palace, once.»
At Aventurine's final words, he grumbles: «You won't find it so fun if someone breaks your face, though. You shouldn't mess up with people…».
Whiteroar "You look fuckable, yes." He shows all his charm right away. XD
"I told him just because he looks like a nice guy, I don't want you to mess him up or you'll have to face my wrath.
Nowdays one gets arrested for that?" He rolls his eyes, not being pleased to hear the risks.
"Don't believe a word of what he tells you. He is likely not being loyal to you two. He is such a player, he has always been." He looks up in annoyance.
Aventurine_ °You went in prison? Then we are the ones who should stay alert.
Let's say I will not tell things about and you will not tell things about me so we will be fine.°
He looks at JingYuan, °The last time you said I weren't your type. Then I will become one of your ex wives?
I am a nice guy you it is only that you don't know me well.°
Not_THAT_WonPil «I don't know if other people too would get arrested for that, but I would be doomed for sure… the other time, I got saved only because prince Cyno helped me, or Shuli would have sent me back to jail in a sneeze. The chief justice hates me», he whispers, so that only they can hear.
«Ye, I told you that you have to be careful, I am one who ends up making a mess by accident too.» He already considers both as his new friends.
«I know that Haitien is so… complicated but… I must make it work, I have to try to tag along and stop arguing with him, for Blade's sake…»