Plothooks For Blaire

⎾ ★ Favorite ☽ ⏌

★ A story that involves Blaire in the center of a supernatural reverse harem in which all of the supernatural beings are attracted to her first for her power and her blood but eventually come around to having actual feelings for her.

⎾ ☾ Other Plothooks ★ ⏌
☾ Blaire's mom is always trying to meddle in her life to help her find her Electus. This could be a situation in which her mom thinks she found a good candidate for an Electus and forces Blaire and them into close proximity to see if the bond forms naturally.
★ Blaire is given an invitation to a gathering for 'powerful' people and against her better judgement decides to go at her parent's urging. Turns out this gathering is simply a way for a fae lord or some other powerful being to force women into a competition to be his bride, something Blaire has no want to be a part of and actively works to thwart and undermine at every opportunity.
☾ Blaire works for a law firm as a secretary and has never met the CEO. It would be pretty funny to find out that the CEO is actually her Electus (bonus points for them also not being human).
★ Blaire lives a pretty normal life, going out with friends and things of that nature and pretending to be human. What if the uber eats driver who happens to be delivering the food she ordered witnesses a surprise visit from her obviously not human father and crazy with magic mother?
☾ In an attempt to win that contest to get tickets to her favorite band's concert, she winds up actually performing a ritual that makes her favorite member of said band feel completely in love with her to the point of obsession.
★ There is a specific family friend who is the offspring of a well known and powerful family in Fei that Blaire's mother has been trying to set her up with for years. In fact, when Blaire was a silly teenager she professed her love for the man, swayed by all the prompting from her mother. Of course she was turned down for being too young and felt humiliated by that experience. She now avoids this man like the plague and will never forget it. Fast forward as it has been a decade and her mother tricks her into visiting home and seeing him again and it opens all sorts of horrible wounds.
☾ Blaire's father winds up going missing, kidnapped with just the sigil of an organization who has promised to end anything nonhuman from the planet. Her mother is just beside herself from the pain of being away from her Electus. It is up to Blaire to rescue him but she is not a very good sleuth. So instead she has to hire the help of a supernatural private eye and together the two have to go on an adventure to find and rescue her dad.
★ Some shadow organization has been going around and targeting magical creatures. No one knows if they are killing them or harvesting them for their magical properties. No one knows what their purpose is and what they need them for, but Blaire's mother is terrified for her daughter since she lives in the mortal realm and WILL NOT take help from them. So she hires a bodyguard to follow her around and keep her safe. For a while he can do just that until one night she is attacked and he has to make his presence known to save her.

⎾ ★ Verses ☽ ⏌
Blaire is able to be transported into other universes, or even interact with the characters if they come to her own world. These are the verses that I know.

Jujutsu Kaisen
Fire Force
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss
Tokyo Ghoul
Blue Exorcist
Demon Slayer
Peach Girl
Black Clover
Vampire Knight
The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent
How Not To Summon A Demon Lord
Diabolik Lovers
Fruits Basket
Fairy Tail
Darker Than Black
Tales of Zestiria the X
Angels of Death
Sk8 The Infinity
Kakuriyo - Bed & Breakfast For Spirits
Attack On Titan
Fullmetal Alchemist
The Rising of The Shield Hero
Deadman Wonderland
Sirius The Jaegar
B The Beginning
Avatar The Last Airbender
High-Rise Invasion
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
The Misfit of Demon King Academy
Harry Potter
Genshin Impact
Honkai Star Rail
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy
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