Cerid Jaspir

General Info

Name: Cerid Jaspir (Albus Mito)
Nickname: Mito
Gender: Male
Race: Child of the Eclipse
Age: 28 (Physically), Incalculable (Actual)
Weapon Name: Genesis (Formless Staff), Umbra’s Dagger (Cursed Dagger)

Fighting Style: Cerid’s fighting style isn’t like most wizards. He may know magic but his tends to be up close and personal compared to how many wizards and mages fight. While he does cast long range spells, being able to switch those into power for close range attacks are much more devastating when hit from up close at full power.


Height: 6’7, 200.66 centimeters
Weight: 232 lbs, 105.23 kilos
Hair: (Refer to picture)
Skin: (Refer to picture)
Distinguishing marks: There is a birthmark of a star on his upper thigh, in front on his right leg.
Eyes: (Refer to picture
Clothing: (Refer to picture)


Temperament: Cerid is a wizard who doesn’t take many things too seriously. While he can be, usually he’s always cracking jokes, pressing people’s buttons, or trying to rile them up as much as possible. Often getting into trouble because of it. However, he’s quite kind, loyal, and selfless. Though, he tends to be…quite over dramatic. However, woe be to those who actually manage to piss him off.

Political stance: Hates politics despite being the brother to the King of Astoria. He’s more about action than standing around as he believes only action can bring about change.

Hobbies: Cerid honestly enjoys reading. Loves to travel to anything dark and creepy. Likes to try out different magic spells despite the origins of them not from the world he’s born in. He loves to cook as well as decorate. More often than not, you’ll always see him with something strange he has been tinkering with in his workshop.

Habits: Cerid has a habit of often being quite smug and annoying. He loves to tease others. Enjoys making others uncomfortable. He tends to do things that are quite unconventional and if it bothers people, even more so. Likes to play harmless jokes on others even if they tend to go a bit too far.

Quirks/eccentricities: Cerid is quite unlike his brother. They’re quite the opposite of each other. Cerid’s quirks can all be summed up as the very definition of eccentric and a lot of it lands with him being in trouble with others. Ask him, he’s not shy of telling some of his latest exploits.

Likes: Cerid has always been a fan of the culinary arts. He likes to gather all sorts of information, it doesn’t matter if it’s helpful or useless. He likes to learn about other people, doubly so if they’re complete strangers. He likes places that others might find cursed or creepy. Also really likes fighting about 90% of the time.

Dislikes: Cerid honestly really dislikes blatant loss of life. He doesn’t also like when others give no reaction to his teasing, jokes, pranks, or otherwise. He also dislikes politics and most rules in general. Dislikes having to do things that won’t result in doing things his way. Cerid also dislikes others who might be better than him at teasing others.

Fears: Cerid doesn’t have many fears. The one that typically gets him a lot is being forgotten. Typically fears anything that could quite possibly harm the soul since it tends to be irreversible a lot of the time.

Strengths: Cerid’s strengths lie mostly in his connections to others. He doesn’t fear anything of the dark or the occult. Almost always can talk a fight down even if both parties are in full blown war. Often than not, he can thrive in places that others wouldn’t dare to be around or may be displaced. If he’s ever joking around, then a situation is not serious enough to warrant any danger, at least to him.

Weaknesses: Cerid’s weakness is being bored. If there’s one thing he hates most in this world is being bored. Not to mention despite being quite strong with fighting styles and magic power, his body isn’t too great at taking a hit. Also despite being of strong mind, it doesn’t stand all that great to be charmed or seduced. Also despite being quite physical, he doesn’t have great stamina reserves. Something he often tries to rectify.

Short term goals: Trying to abolish the slave trade within Astoria. To form connections with those outside his own world. To unite others within his own world to work together instead of apart.

Long term goals: Completely neutralize the threat of war. To finish his magic that will allow him to go anywhere whenever he wants, another world, dimension, or universe. To be able to learn any and all magic that he can come across. Maybe one day to have a family that he can teach his kids all what he has learned as well.

Hopes and desires: Cerid desires one thing above all else, freedom. Freedom to choose, to be a trailblazer to places that no one has ever gone or done before. To never see defeat until the day he can finally find a way to transcend his almost immortal form.

Occupation: Court Wizard - Cerid is the Court Wizard to the Kingdom of Astoria. Many come to him for his wisdom, courage, and knowledge in all things arcane. Often than not, he’s always among the people to solve any needs they have. To him, the ones who aren’t so lucky are the ones who are the most important.

Skills: Master of Might and Magic. Master of Hand to Hand fighting, Expert in bladed weapons used for stealth. Can mask his presence from others. Can revive himself from death as long as his heart is still within his body even if it had been damaged. Can disguise himself as anyone with any and all features as long as Cerid scanned them beforehand. Can temporarily bestow powers to others in a pinch. Able to visit other worlds that aren’t his. Able to travel back and forth through time as long as he has an anchor that can send him to that time such as a person or object. Possess sixth sense, impossible to be snuck up on. Can speak with animals, spirits, nature, or otherwise. Chantless Magic. (Can be focused into hand to hand attacks at will)


Always has:
Genesis (The Formless Staff fashioned from the Tree of Yggdrasil, Able to change it’s form depending what he desires), Umbra’s Dagger (Touch of Shadow, Cursed), Lunae’s Orb (Stores Magic he casts), Bag of Holding (Unlimited Storage), Robes of Scientia (Spirit Robe of Knowledge, Origins Unknown), The Book of Revelations (The Grimoire of The End, Contains All Knowledge, Origins Unknown)

Sometimes has:
Clairvoyance Crystal - This is an Orb that sits in his workshop. Allows him to find solutions to problems if he doesn’t have the answer.
Darkness Shroud - Can turn him invisible as long as he’s standing still. This erases his presence completely

Events and History
History and background details

Ceird was born to Sepentita and Umbra in an unknown time and realm. This place was not like any other as this lay outside all worlds and dimensions. Their names are not their true names, this is what name Cerid gave them when he grew up eventually. His true parents were not gods but more akin to very old but quite powerful spirits that lived in a place that were shared with beings of power that existed at the beginning of time. It is unknown what time and day, or even year, that he was born. It is likely that time, as a concept, wasn’t yet created.

Unlike most who came to be, Cerid was not born in the traditional way. His soul was made from his mother’s soul and father’s soul who tore off a piece of themselves to make him. For a very long time, Cerid did not possess a body. As any body that could be made could not handle the brimming power of his colossal soul, much like his parents.

It wasn’t until way, way in the future that he was able to get one within a race that had lied closer to the outer realms than the mortal realm. It is unknown what this race of beings actually was. It was likely that they did not have a name upon being created long ago. Cerid had given the race the name Astorian since they were closely related to the powerful beings that he had come to meet as a ‘child’.

Although, the name isn’t the same as the people he’d come to live with ultimately in the mortal world.

Cerid’s true home he aptly called the Nexus. There isn’t a true name from the realm he came from but he felt it should have a proper name since it lies beyond space and time. It wasn’t clear where it came from, who made it, and why. However, with it, you could go in any direction and end up at a place that wasn’t your own. Since his world lies on the cusp of reality, Cerid ends up leaving his home in order to discover what had been created since he had been born. Since time did not exist for him at the time, it’s not known how much time actually passed before coming to the mortal world in a body fit for it.

His parents couldn’t follow where he was going due to them being even more powerful than he is. Instead, after he had left them, they sealed most of his real power and triggered a forceful birth to a random world and random beings. While they could feel the living energy out there, they did not know what lies outside their realm once their son crossed into it.

There were no rules that said he couldn’t do what he did but knowing what kind of danger he could have upon the mortal world made sure to do something about it before he got too far away. Cerid upon being reborn on a planet called Evenstar. From there on, he was born to parents Celestine and Augustus Jaspir. The King and Queen of Astoria. Charles Jaspir, his older brother who was a few years old when Cerid was born. Cerid’s then now parents named him Cerid.

Though the both of them would not know until their death what kind of remarkable child Cerid ended up being.

Unlike his brother who would inherit the throne when he got older, Cerid was quite the troublemaker when he was younger. Often getting in trouble with the staff and servants even kids of his age with his tendencies to tease and prank others with magic he learned or things he may have heard. They were usually pretty harmless and often not a cause for alarm.

That was until on Cerid’s 8th birthday, his aptitude and amazing for magic began to really kick off. Magic at the time was not very prevalent in Astoria, at least not within the Kingdom. Most that did were part of the actual castle and not among the people. This wasn’t a situation where those with magic were nobles but considering they were at war, more often than not was being trained by the court wizard at the time named Azura, a confidant of the royalty of the time and well trusted among the court of Astoria for all things dealing with magic or otherwise.
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