☄ Perseval Bourbon


Quick description:

Locked away deep within the scrolls covered in dust and spiderwebs lives a rich history with a strong and determined emperor. Many claim him to be a tyrant, which by theory and law he is, but he has given it his own rules. Rules to flourish the once dull and miserable continent of Mirovér to become a strong and rich with culture of its own.

This emperor has made and seen a lot of sacrifices during his time as advisor to the once ruling emperor before him that he so brutally betrayed. He could no longer watch as the once gentle and caring emperor he pledged his loyalty to became a gruesome monster hungry for power and blood.

Though new to reigning, he will do his best to give the continent what it deserves, will they finally face a period of peace, a golden age of culture and wisdom? It is now dependent on him, something that may drive him mad, just like how the past emperor had lost all of his mental fortitude.

Relations to other muses:

Rome Wrio Charlemagne
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