☄ Rosaline Perez


Quick description:

Rosaline Perez, a controversial yet admirable woman who has as many admirers as those who despise her for her way of thinking. She was sent out to marry an old duke to present a son before the old man's death. Knowing that she would be discarded after doing as she was told as a mere tool to continue forth the bloodline of this family, she made sure to never be with child.

How she did so is rumored by many that she may have killed the duke before anything, but that was far from the truth. She had actually formed a dear friendship with the old man, making the marital duties that she was forced to perform just a little more bearable, though still traumatizing.

Now, she is made up to be a symbol of strength and emancipation, but if she really is that honorable of an image towards young women is only to be questioned.
Did she betray her dear friend and forced marriage and family? Or were there perhaps other sources involved.
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