☄ Apollo Alezi Soralis


Quick description:

"The moon like silver pool in a canvas of ink, A sharp and ominous cold to deceive those weak of mind.
Loneliness until the edge of night when stars shine far and bright, who may bear the pride to stick through his cold sight."

A small verse made up by the people of Solionar kingdom about their... 'Beloved' crown prince Apollo. After centuries of strong rulers with the family genes of the Soralis royal blood, a baby was born with pale skin, white hair and the brightest of blue eyes with a slender elegant build. This darling child immediately an outcast for not carrying the strong inky black hair, beautiful naturally tan skin and strong build.

For many years the child was hidden away; more and more rumors began to spread around the kingdom of the child being a possible curse from the moon goddess Omari. The only sight and painting of the child in his adult years being a small painting off a pale slender figure walking over the castle's walls with his pure white flowy fabrics as attire.
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