☄ Aarez Blight


Quick description:

Aarez Blight, the highly respected scholar that has an obsession with the mind of nearly all organisms, but specifically those who are humanoid. Many would tell you he's a gentle soul as those who have encountered him hold high respects due to his family's name and his knowledge.

Given many quiver at the tips of his fingers and a single glance from this individual, he spirals deeper and deeper into the mentality behind this and attempts to dip into the manipulation.
He adores his younger sister Genevieve Blight and has an interest in her bright mind, though he finds her easy to manipulate due to her highly loveable vision of him. He often uses this to his advantage in order to get closer to those around her, especially those who attempt to take her hand in marriage.

Relations to other muses:

Genevieve Blight
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