- Layuta Tributaya, The Psionic Knife -

Story: Original Content

Name: Layuta Tributaya
Age: 23
Profession: Rogue - Soulknife
Race: Human.
Sex: Female
Sex Orientation: Bissexual
Size: 1.68m
Favorite song: Satan in the Wait - Daughters


Personality: Layuta is a divided person. While she is in contrast, with a simple Thief, she is a Soulknife who strikes and infiltrates with the mind, cutting through barriers both physical and psychic. Therefore she knows that something is different in her mind. Layuta is a young girl, usually tired of hearing people laugh and is seldom found with a tired/bored expression. She is often compared to the Old Woman in the Court, a citizen whose bad mood is clearly one of her primal sources of renown.

Appearance: A young, soured mood girl, with long brown hair, some strands left in a long braid cold blue eyes, and a red, healthy blush on her round childish-like face. She plainly uses leather vests with a steel necklace around her neck, which was the last gift from her brother, who was a Paladin and disappeared after one of his calls.


Weapons: Layuta uses two cold steel daggers, but her primal weapon is her psionic daggers which she can create.

Abilities: Layuta is a Soulknife, therefore, she controls her mind in a different way, being able to inflict damage and break other's mind barrier.


Story: Layuta story is a weird one. Born in the Patriarch-controlled noble house of the Tributayas, she hasn't followed the Tenets of the family. From an early age, she didn’t show any aptitude for Magic, neither her Faith was resolute enough for being heralded as a Paladin. Thus she was ostracized by the rest of her family, except from her Older Brother Theyon, with whom she grew closer. When she was sixteen, her psionic abilities started to manifest. Opening psychic channels to communicate with her Older Brother, and even influencing the world around them in their own favor.

When she was Eighteen, when the person within the Noble House usually is assigned to a profession. She wasn’t proficient in almost anything, so she was ostracized and ridiculed again. Finding herself in the tip of a sword, she ran from home, and wandered the town, where she came by the eyes of a Rogue called Shilve. Which held her closer and taught everything she knows now about being a Rogue.

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