Monster!Billy Information & Notes

Alright! Since my main deal here is going to be monster!Billy (unless specifically requesting otherwise), it seems for the best that I do a run down of the basics.

So, the main version of Billy I'll be playing is a vampire-like version. I've seen people do werewolf versions and other things, too, and that's definitely fun, but I have a bias for vampires. Sue me!

What you get:

1. Fangs. Of course.
2. Thirst for blood. Billy can still eat and enjoy normal food, but what actually sustains him is blood.
3. Sunlight. No, it won't kill him.
4. Heightened senses. Hearing, smell, vision, etc. are all far improved.
5. Strength. He was already a powerhouse. Now he's much stronger.

Aaaand, yeah, this is a WIP. I'm too exhausted right now.
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1 | Nov 20th 2023 01:06