Lorelai Blossom - Gilmore

Hello :)

So for Lorelai she is based off Gilmore Girls on Netflix but because this is RP I changed her into my own.

Rory her daughter did a terrible thing where it got the entire town cursed and killed, so she went back into time and saved her little town. Lorelai isn't even human but she doesn't know that she is dead either.

SO with this story I am using Nikki Reed as her alt face because the main face is too young and i want her older.

Please if you don't like how I write remove yourself off my page no need to create problems. I am just here for fun and escape of my own life.

She won't cheat on Lucifer so don't bother asking for smut. She is the queen to all her children and adopted children but also she is just a normal person who loves coffee and owns a bed and breakfast with her best friend Sookie.
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3 | Nov 19th 2023 18:44