Noah Cassidy - How You Get The Girl

How You Get The Girl

Name: Noah Cassidy
Nickname(s): None
Sex: Female
Gender: Cisgender
Species: Human
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Bisexual (submissive)
Age: 21

Height: 5 foot 5
Weight: 146 lbs
Figure: Skinny and petite, slightly dainty
Hair color: Short and curly blonde hair
Skin color: Fair and Peachy
Eye color: Hazel

Body markings: Freckles and a beauty mark under right eye
Scars: Scars across her body from adventuring and foraging
Bruises: Often bruised
Piercings: None
Glasses: Big round black glasses
Tattoos: None

Occupation: College student studying art
Family: Mother and Father
Friends: Luca Hazuki
Significant other: None

Likes: Art, pretty flowers, vintage items, etc
Dislikes: Poison Ivy, being called a manic pixie girl, etc
Drinker: No
Smoker: No
Drugs: No


Noah Cassidy is a free spirit who enjoys everything creative and everything nature. She can often be found in her college's art studio or in the forest, foraging different plants, catching bugs, or painting the scenery. She enjoys to go thrift shopping for vinyls and comfy clothes as well. While she is good at the hobbies she has, she is often seen as an airhead when she doesn't excel at what she is doing.
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