Dahlia Beckett - True Friends

True Friends

Name: Dahlia Beckett
Nickname(s): Lia
Sex: Female
Gender: Cisgender
Species: Succubus
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Pansexual (switch)
Age: Looks around 27

Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 150 bs
Figure: curvaceous with a big chest
Hair color: Long wavy black hair in human form, pure white hair in demon form
Skin color: Light tan skin in human form, red skin in demon form
Eye color: Blue eyes while in human form red when in succubus form

Body markings: None
Scars: None
Bruises: None
Piercings: Guages in human form
Glasses: None
Tattoos: Womb Tattoo

Occupation: Kidnaps People for demons and Vampires to feast on
Family: None
Friends: Lisa Nakamura
Significant other: None

Likes: Tricking people, screams, horror movies, lighting things on fire, etc
Dislikes: Snow, being tickled, being tricked, etc
Drinker: Yes
Smoker: Yes
Drugs: Yes


Dahlia Beckett is a stereotypical succubus who lures men and women into her bed to feast on their energy and then sells the remaining body parts to the black market or to investors who want to feast on their body or blood. She doesn't have much else to do with her life so she spends her time hunting down her next victim or going to clubs to have fun.
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