I'm normally not a picky person but I will state this profile was made for my Dragon age Inquisition oc and I don't have plans to do any others. It is fine if someone wishes to rp and doesn't know Dragon age I can help work through it since it is fantasy based.

as for rules:

* I don't do FxF rps. I can do MxF and MxM but I am a bottom.

* I only do roleplay. There will NOT be any IRL talk or getting to know the admin no matter what.

*I only roleplay here. I will NOT be handing out discord or any other social medias. Don't ask.

* This is an open minded profile. LGBTQ+ and Furry/anthros are welcomed to add me. If that makes you uncomfortable, bro. Don't add me and keep your opinions to yourself. c:

*I do have a tendency to vanish for some time. The admin is an adult and has to sadly do that adult stuff so be patient. Admin will answer when able.


* If you send the request then you send the first message and vice versa.

* No futas. No exceptions. Just not my cup of tea.

More rules will be added eventually. Do me a favor and hit the heart so I know the rules were read otherwise I might not reply.
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11 | Sep 18th 2023 17:44