~Basic Information~
First name: Kaon
Middle name: De
Last name: Garcia
Race: European, American.
Age: 19
Sex: Bisexual
Job: Galactic Warrior
Position: Bottom
Martial Status: Single
Blood type: -0
Persona: Kaon, the galactic warrior, is a force to be reckoned with in the vast expanse of the universe. With an unwavering determination and unparalleled combat skills, Kaon has become a legend among warriors from countless galaxies.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: 6'1
Clothes: Anything that can fit him

Koan's childhood was far from ordinary. Born on a distant planet, he was raised in a society where conflict and battles were an integral part of everyday life. From a young age, Koan displayed exceptional physical abilities and an unwavering determination to protect his people. As he grew older, Koan's skills were honed through rigorous training under the guidance of seasoned warriors. His relentless dedication and unmatched combat prowess quickly earned him the reputation of a prodigious fighter within his community.

However, Koan wanted more than just to be a galatic warrior; he wanted to have a family and so on. he decided to balance his warrior lifestyle with the pursuit of love and companionship. Despite the challenges of his demanding profession, Koan actively sought a partner who would understand and support his aspirations. With his unwavering determination, he was determined to create a harmonious life where he could excel both as a galactic warrior and as a loving family man.
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