~Basic Information~
First name: Kaon
Middle name: De
Last name: Garcia
Race: European, American.
Age: 19
Sex: Bisexual
Job:Royal Mage
Position: Bottom
Martial Status: Single
Blood type: -0
Persona: The enigmatic mage possesses a profound connection with the ethereal realm. With a gaze that pierces through the veil of reality, Kaon's deep red eyes reflect the depths of ancient knowledge and untamed power. Clad in flowing robes adorned with intricate arcane symbols, this mysterious figure exudes an aura of both wisdom and danger. As Kaon gracefully weaves spells with precise hand gestures, the very fabric of reality bends to their will.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: 6'1
Clothes: Wears a flowing robe made of shimmering sapphire blue fabric. The robe is adorned with intricate silver embroidery that depicts ancient magical symbols. The garment is designed to enhance Kaon's magical abilities, allowing him to channel and control his powers with ease.

Kaon, a powerful mage, hails from the ancient realm of Arxia. Born with an innate connection to the mystical energies that flow through the universe, Kaon's abilities far surpass those of ordinary mages. From a young age, Kaon displayed an exceptional aptitude for manipulating elemental forces, effortlessly conjuring fire and ice with a mere flick of their wrist. However, what truly sets Kaon apart is their unwavering dedication to understanding the intricate balance between light and darkness.
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