Of course now that the boys are gone and a few days have passed, he is in anxiety for what will happen on their side. Despite the script and all the measures, he can't help but worry nonetheless.

He has to work, though, and that manages to keep him busy for a while. Plus, the "homages" from Great Huang keep causing a bit of a show lately. From the girl who doesn't want to get out of the room, making the servants desperate to give her what she needs, to the boy who keeps crying, whining and pretty much complain about everything the servants do, since he is used to things done differently, different foods and so on. XD

And of course the servants come to bother him about it, all the time. They wouldn't disturb the king himself with it, Morax and Ziqun terrify them, so there is only poor Jing Yuan left, as an option. XD
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MORAX ''Really. We have a contract, WooPil.'' He makes a slight smile. ''Even if you don't get pinched...I will reward you with one.
Don't worry, I'll teach you how to use it. I and Jing Yuan both use it as main weapon, we have a lot to teach you.
Mike? But you wouldn't want him to be scared, he is your friend after all.''

''I can trigger him to be unpolite, I'm sure.'' Depends on Chan and how long he can stand good morning pictures.
''If you say so.'' She'll tell Aron she had the permission to do it from Jing Yuan. XD
She has already an overwhelmed assface. ''I don't want to marry WooPil, he is a child...''
Woopino «A… a contract?» He thinks about it, trying to figure out in which way himself risks to break said contract. XD
«Xiexie!! We… we can eat it together! Like… like the other times!» But at least this time it will be Chan's fake spam, so maybe it will taste better.
«I will… will have to train with it too? And… and fight…?» The idea of fighting, even just out of game, doesn't enthusiasm him. It actually scares him.
«Shi… I… I don't want him to be scared… I… I want him to eat the microphone and burp it out!»

JY. «Well, that will definitely keep you entertained for a little while.» He chuckles at the thought.
He is used to Aron swearing against him, anyway. XD
«But you are a child too…» She would end up like Lian's wife. XD
MORAX ''Yes. Don't be troubled, all you have to do is to let the tailor do his job, then you'll get your salty reward.'' Not so salty since it is a healthy version. XD
''A bit of training won't hurt, my dear. You could also use it as a tool in your dance, it would look beautiful if you danced with the spear.''
He makes a slight smile at his words. ''I want to see that too.''

''I agree...'' In the end, she will probably feel too shy and continue to pester Aron only. She lacks so much confidence around other brothers.
''I am grown up, dad.'' She mutters. Seriously, how can a BangSul ever be in an asexual relationship, it is against Nature. XD
Woopino «O… okay… I will really be good, this time…» But he could have a little, random cry at one point during the measurements.
«I will train too… I… I will learn how to use the spear.» For culinary purposes.
«Oh… dance with the spear…» Now that intrigues him more than fighting with it. He will do anything with the spear except fighting. XD
As ZhongLi says that he wants to see that, WooPil promptly takes his phone out and scrolls his gallery to show him:

JY. Her dad doesn't know that BangSul only had two types: innocent cuties and complete dominant psychos. Or he would be even more worried to let her date. XD «Why are children so eager to be in a relationship, that's something I will never understand.» He smiles.
MORAX ''I have no doubts, my child. I will have spam prepared for you because I trust you will do well.''
Good luck cutting with that toy spear, though. XD
He watches the video with a slight smile. ''If I could make this kind of jokes''

She is just waiting for someone dominant psycho enough, the worst possible scenario for a father. XD
''I'm not eager for real, I am just bored...I need something to do.'' Someone to do!!