So we need a bit of common ground


1. I’m not always online busy with college , family , friends, spring cleaning, cooking comes first part time mom looking after my kids on weekends I’ll be online checking messages reply occasional.

2. You add you talk no exceptions unless I’m not interacting bc uncomfortable being around ur presence shouldn’t have to explain that

3. No asking for nudes will result in hard block use your imagination

4.grammar and punctuation don’t bother me keep it short and simple descriptive 3-4 para liners don’t be grammar police

5. Don’t be an a**hole treat the way you want to be treated be nice and kind with kindness and love civil chat if you unfriend me for no reason will call you out your child grow up

6. If your going to rp be fully committed 100% I’ll reciprocate the same

7. There’s lots messages get through one at a time be patient I’m not going anywhere I’ll be here today tomorrow every other day does get draining need to rest.

8. Genres of rp I like anything vampire , supernatural, fantasy , horror, medieval, romance and sfw

9. Only into romance if that isn’t your cup of tea move on

10. Only type of intimacy is sfw not nsfw just sfw

11. If you don’t like my idea

- unfriend you - simple move on no one bother each other not block unfriend

12. Mistress x pet we can discuss contract over in dms

13. I’m single not really looking in rp outside is my private life nor I am responsible for your behaviour and Action.

No pedo

No blackmail

No rape

No ageplay unless 15 over the age of 18

No furry unless humanoid

Futa are accepted

If girl isn’t interested take the hint she ain’t interested I don’t like guys who are forceful do not try to control me my bark is worse than bites so I’d stay well clear do not tolerate that kind of behaviour.

No hard feelings nothing personal harmless flirty playful banter.

Writing examples:

Hi I’m luna b*sm and dungeon mistress ;) I look forward to our rp warm welcome into castle

- stays in the shadows of castle watches her prey bites her lips sexily drips with blood smirks.-

If you read rules you’ve done amazing good job ! ❤

Tell me your favourite anime , candles , tv show, candy , drinks.

Lms once read

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12 | Sep 18th 2023 10:21
SoftDomTrixMistress Eden zero is similar to fairytale except series explores outer space i like Rebecca
SoftDomTrixMistress Rebecca bluegarden is hot your way ahead of me .. in fairytale , one piece I’m on season 2 episode 89 catching up with anime everyone who watch anime has unique show to their preference I like watching different shows.
SoftDomTrixMistress One piece your way ahead of me slow progress is great starter, with roommate can be overwhelming it’s nice watching anime together I want my own Space. ^•^ XD
Tyler_Sterling Bunny Girl Senpai, lavender, breaking bad, butterfinger, and water
NerdyRPer that moment when You feel like "worlds end harem" is a good anime only because it isn't purely about the last males getting freaky and having no rules. I like how theres actually a somewhat war behind the scenes with one side being women that literally want to turn the earth into women only and find a way to reproduce without men because they believe women are surperior while the resistance is still a thing wanting men to at least have a chance, INCREDIBILY love how the main character's childhood friend and crush is on the resistance and that they never doubted in each other as well.