"Why should you be worried, I really started to get back on the right path!'' Hehe, since it is the most comfortable and rewarding path for now.
''Right now? I wouldn't say no...but I have someone living with me. Don't you have an office yet?
Secretary is the most obvious coming to my mind, I don't have any idea in particular. What is your position about exactly?'' Johan looks at Jing Yuan, moving his hands on his own hips.


«And I am supposed to believe it? All right, I'll pretend I can believe it, so now what? Are you going to show me your curriculum?» He snickers.
«I don't have an office yet. Maybe this was not meant to happen tonight, after all. Unless we find a spot in the palace where there is nobody…» He ponders.
«I will probably have to administrate the prison. So if it comes to it, what do you want to be, Mr Finn? The guard?»
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Jing_Yuan «You only have to earn from that. I wouldn't advice anyone to misbehave, with someone like Cyno around.» But he won't reveal that Cyno can know when people lie, just in case.
«True, apparently you have gotten all that you wanted tonight.» He is actually kind of surprised that Johan wanted to do it with him.
«It is almost 9 pm. We should probably go to eat something, at this point.»
He nods and opens the door, after getting fully dressed. «Clear, maybe they are still on the way back, but I doubt they'll be out for much longer.» Since WooPil is little, he means.
Straggler ''I really want to earn as much as possible, really. I know who I can challenge and who I can you could have seen back then.'' He had to submit to Jing Yuan. Maybe he would have given him hard time in a fight, but he is not too positive about the final result.
''I am positive you got something you wanted too, Jing Yuan.'' He lets out a smirk, approaching him very close in a naughty and teasing way. ''I'll get a new phone one of these me any time you want to do it.'' He whispers to his ear in a low but sexy tone.
He stretches a little after dressing up, walking out of the bathroom and moving at some distance from it. ''What should we eat?''
Jing_Yuan «You are wiser than I thought, then. Or maybe just cunning.» He snorts.
«I am not going to deny I had something I wanted too and that it was a good time. At least for me.» He actually hopes it was for Johan too, he is not a selfish top.
«All right. But now that you have a job, don't forget to show up either. I trust you know how it works.» Having to go to work, he means.
«I don't know. Shall we go out too and buy something? It's on me.» Now that they did it, he has to be a gentleman.
Straggler He shrugs. ''Who knows what I really am?'' He is sly and cunning as a fox indeed, but he would rather let people think he is a bit foolish and careless.
Johan didn't complain and asked for more during the act, so it can't be said he didn't like it.
He snickers at his words. ''Now that I work for you, I'll have to, but you have to tell me where to go and what to do before I can do anything.''
He can't help but find it amusing. ''Fine, since it is on you, let's go somewhere expensive.'' If he was the top, it would have been on him of course. XD
Jing_Yuan «Sometimes i would wonder if at least yourself know what you really are or want to be, or if you are forever conditioned by the life you used to have.»
He nods. «Of course, I will let you know all the details as soon as I will know more. By tomorrow, I'll probably be briefed about it and make sure to contact you.»
He raises a brow. «Somewhere expensive? I don't even know the cheap places, so we will have to improvise, but sure. What's the point to keep money.» He doesn't want to end up like with all the strales he saved and that are now useless.
He walks out of the palace and towards the centre of the city.