He was asked to go to take a look at the situation within Shuguang and he actually goes without complaining. He may be a bit lazy, but he is still a man with honour and principles.

After witnessing enough of the dire situation within the cities of Shuguang, he prepares to head back to Cloud Recesses.
He has to reach a specific spot by the sea, where he will be teleported back.
While there, though, he notices a boat rowing towards the shore. From his position he only sees one boy, the one who is moving the boat, as the young prince is lying down and thus is covered by the border of the boat.
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Jing_Yuan «Because people of different gender should share room only after they have lived at least 18 years and have gotten married. I don't make the rules.»
He glances back at Black's question. «There seems to be a magical barrier that keeps some people outside. I'm not sure how that works, but some of ours had to go elsewhere because the place rejected their presence.»

Wu. «I am quite thirsty, shi… but is this water safe to drink?»
BangSul ''Why? I just want to be in his company.'' She mutters. ''Who made these rules? I don't care about them. Dan Heng will not agree either.'' Well, poor Dan Heng is probably still scared and confused. XD
''It should be.'' She looks at the water, not mentioning they kinda bathed in it.
Aventurine_ He looks at Jing Yuan, °I totally agree that.
A really interesting thing then we are lucky that we could enter.
I will try it to make sure it is good to drink.° he takes some water and drinks it.
°Those rules were decided by common sense, it is just right that way°
Jing_Yuan «The Heavens made these rules and everyone must obey to them, sadly. It's much better if you listen to your dad, or something bad could happen to Dan Heng, if the heavenly rules are broken.»
He nods. «Indeed, that's a luck. I heard that the other place where the others went isn't very nice.»

Wu. He patiently waits for Black to put a glass of water into his hand.
BangSul "I don't see why It's common sense I can't be together with my friend.
What..?" She looks at Jing Yuan, now troubled by what he says. She is still young enough to believe him. "But I don't want to do anything bad..."