Since Chan warned him to take the children to the cafe, he obeyed. He doesn't know what happened, Chan just made him understand that there was a serious situation the children had to be protected from.

He takes them to Martin's cafe. Chan gave him some money so they can choose drinks and sweets, but the situation is tragic. WooPil keeps crying, due to being close to Shul, but Jing Yuan has no idea and doesn't know how to calm him down.

They are sat by a table inside the cafe. Jing Yuan has both Shul and WooPil in each of his arms. WooPil keeps crying.
Kiorii is sat in front of them, quietly eating a cheesecake.
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Straggler He notices Jun, following him with gaze. Instill he hopes he will kidnap the babies so he won't have to listen to their crying anymore. ''We have to go to yet another place? I thought this was the final step.'' He looks up then moves his gaze on Jing Yuan. ''Where's Lianxi?'' He still can't get used to their ways, some are old, some are completely new to him, due to magic.

With WooPil not crying anymore because of her, she begins to calm down but hides behind Jing Yuan.

''Blessed Arbiter.'' He says as the kids calm down.
XiFan Jing Yuan. «I don't know where Lianxi is but it must be an awesome place if we are going there.» He sighs in relief when the children calm down. He was losing hope that it would happen.

WooPil. He hides his face against Jun's chest.

«Did you have some food and drink, Your Highness?» He takes a seat and with a harsh move, motions a waiter to come to get the order.
«What would you like to have?»

WooPil. «I… I want… croissant…» he says in a low and broken voice. «And… and juice…»

He gives a glare to the waiter, one like "if you don't know what he asked for, you better invent it". And the guy seems to have understood, since he flees behind the counter.
Straggler "No need you talk to me like I'm one of your children. How bad is it?" He can't bear the idea a place can just be awesome. XD
He moves his gaze on Jun and WooPil, finding his behaviour suspicious in some way. "I'll have the same." He shrugs, telling the waiter. They just haven't to expect he can pay. They retrieved some of his things from Miko's starship before to leave Teyvat, but nothing of it was money. "When are we reaching our final destination? Miko is going to join us?"

Aron meanwhile is just playing a game with his phone. Shul keeps standing behind Jing Yuan but all the mention of food is making her hungry.
XiFan Jing Yuan. «I wouldn't talk to you like to a kid if you didn't behave worse than one. Putting up tantrums at your age, tsk.»

Thankfully Chan gave money to Jing Yuan, because Jun will only pay for WooPil and would leave the others there in troubles without caring in the slightest. XD
He doesn't even bother to answer when it's not WooPil to ask.

Jing Yuan. «We will go there as soon as Chan and the others reach us here, surely. Miko will probably change her plans when she will see you are coming along.»
Straggler "Now it's my fault if your children's cry is so unbearable. A few more minutes and you would have gone nuts too. I'll never have kids." But he probably has, somewhere in the universe. XD
He gives Jun and WooPil a glance, just feeling relieved he managed to interrupt the crying.
"When will that be..." He actually hates having to count on them in every way but he still has no choice. "You are so brutal to me." He moves his hand on his heart, but sounding less joyful, overall being in a bad mood.
He checks his clock, reading some coordinates on it. "This is the farthest place in the universe I have ever reached." He can't be without talking for long.