He and Cyno are sat by the couch of the living room and are having a chill conversation. Cyno is telling him that he is about to go to Sumeru to retrieve his belongings and to show Aron the big machines that can be found in the desert. Cyno has the arrogance to ask Jing Yuan if he wants to come too.
Just the idea to set foot in a desert makes him dry into a skeleton.
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Cyno «It feels a little… strange to think that they may be watching my every move…» That's one way to see it. XD
«I don't want to be leeching from the Queen for much longer. It's time to use the money I earned.»
He raises a brow. He is making his own assumptions about Johan, from the lies and truths that he says. «Here, as of inside this teapot? Your girl is Miko?» He sure hopes it's not Shul.
«I am just going to warn him. He is…» He clears his throat. «Well acquainted within Liyue community…»
Fake ''...only the precious moments...'' He knows that instill there is never real privacy with Gods.
''How much do you have? What do you think we could afford?'' He himself has quite some mora but no Nortrig currency at all.

''She is quite famous, I see!'' Johan lets out a smirk. ''The moment I'll get back on my feet...I will conquer her heart again, I'm sure of it. How can she not understand my situation.'' Tsk, he thinks he is dealing with an easy girl.

'''' He knows Cyno wouldn't lie but still, he would prefer if he just didn't get involved at all in dangerous matters, he fears Zhongli to drag him into it.
Cyno «I hope so…» But now he fears that if they will have sex, his father will watch!!
«I have a few hundred gold coins I earned from bounties. But I have no idea what's the price of houses, we will have to get informed.»
He raises a brow, scanning Johan even more. «I have some doubts she is interested in someone like you.» He is convinced Johan is a criminal, due to the specific lies he said.
«Don't worry, I am not any less than one of the harbingers.«
Fake Damn, he has just ruined his chances further. XD
''We can always ask Zhongli then pay him back as we get proper jobs.'' How naive of him to think Zhongli has any money.

Johan tilts his head at his words, giving Cyno a glance. ''Everyone keep telling me that, but why? I have been away for good reasons, it wasn't up to me.''

If he knew, he would definitely be more reassured, but since he thinks he is more like an average auriold, without even knight powers, he worries. ''...just be careful...''
Cyno «I don't think that Zhongli has any money of the Nortrig currency. Maybe Chan, his brother is the king of Lianxi…»
He remains deadly serious. «Because I can't help but not see you as the kind of person she would date. You are too… easygoing, compared to her.»
He nods at Shin. «I always am.»