Eventually, he insists on going out of the inn, not wanting to listen to reason. He is still panicking, confused and scared. He really can't remember anything, how he got there, what that place is or who HaiTien and Jing Yuan are. It's not the first time it happens to him, but it drives him insane and makes him even more frightened.

As soon as he steps out of the inn, though, a woman stands on his way. He has no idea who she is, but she seems convinced to know him.
The woman has a spear and starts to speak some accusations against him. She urges him to take a weapon and fight her, there in the middle of the city. She seems out of her mind and be can't understand why: he is completely sure to have never seen that woman before.
Regardless he doesn't take his weapon nor he wants to engage in a fight, the woman attacks him fiercely with her spear. She even wounds him, as to make it clear she won't hesitate to kill him, if he doesn't prevent it.

He avoids to engage, but Roseslasher starts to "call" for him. He doesn't want to be hurt further, but he doesn't want to take that cursed blade. He doesn't want to fight.
He takes his head in hands, he even starts to cry, feeling trapped between a dangerous woman who wants to kill him to avenge someone he never even heard of, and that awful sword, haunting his mind.
Eventually, he has no choice but to give in to the weapon.

Roseslasher appears in his hand and the contact causes an strong wave of energy. Skylar's whole body is enveloped in a black and dark pink mist, that disappears as if being absorbed by his body until only a thin aura remains around.him.

Before the real fight could begin, the woman — Cloud Retainer — teleports Skylar and herself — and whoever put themselves close enough to the demigod to end up dragged away too — away to a more suitable location. They all appear in Wuwang hill. Clearly Cloud Retainer doesn't know that that cursed and dark, abandoned place is one of the favourite places for kids to go to play to.

That's where a serious duel begins. And although initially Skylar seemed completely helpless, after Roseslasher got in his hand, he suddenly became a mighty and powerful warrior. From the first slashes, it's clear that Cloud Retainer is in serious difficulties and has very low chances to win the fight.
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1 | Jul 24th 2023 16:37
Jing_Yuan He frowns. «It really was him, then. Why did you follow that man here? Do you know him well?» HaiTien's words of course make him even more convinced that Skylar is behind it.
«I am not sure…» He looks at ZhongLi as he joins them.
«Did he give you any useful information?» Pretending be wasn't eavesdropping like a vulture!!
«Anyhow… I don't think that HaiTien should stay somewhere so close to that man, even if he is jailed.» Besides, Roseslasher can be very attractive to people with Beauty element.
MORAX Haitien looks up, not so comfortable answering those questions. "Because I was angry and disappointed and traveling with him sounded exciting..."
He gives Zhongli a glance as he arrives.

"Not much. This...personality of his is clueless and innocent. I believe the sword is causing harm to him, so I'll keep it hidden while we take care of his health.
He'll come back with us. As for Skylar, he'll stay here for now. We would better head back, the boys must be worried."
Jing_Yuan «You… followed that man here because of that? You didn't know him before, did you?» He raises a brow. Since he is an old man, he can't not be bothered by such a young foolish behaviour!!
«He really has… multiple personalities, then…» He nods. «Better not to give him the chance to cause more troubles.» He still believes Skylar did something bad to HaiTien.
«Yes, let's go. My son has already written to me to ask about our situation…» He sighs. «I must have worried the hell out of him with those videos i sent.»
MORAX "I didn't. Honestly I felt like doing something that would anger Red Dawn..." Haitien looks up, ready to take scoldings. "Don't ask me further, I won't answer." He is annoyed. XD

"He does...I hope it is only two. I'm honestly starting to figure out the situation.
Yes, you two can go ahead and reach the palace, I will hide that weapon...
I bet we worried all of them." He takes a breath. "I'll find a way to apologise."
Jing_Yuan «You followed a perfect stranger to an unknown world, just to make her angry? I'm sure you were very successful in your plan.» He thinks even himself would be mad, if his son did something like that.
«You don't seem to understand the seriousness of the situation…» he replies, as HaiTien says not to ask further.
«Let's go, HaiTien», he says in a slightly more authoritative tone than his usual.