Info about him.

• He was born during the wars for the throne, some years after Zhao went missing and the northern kingdom was in a perpetual civil war. People literally dying in the streets and their bodies left to rot everywhere.

• His mother died when he was a newborn, falling victim of the continuous brutalities that happened everywhere.

• His father raised him alone since. He was actually very loving and caring towards his son.

• His father took the throne when Leaf was 4 and ruled as a tyrant for 2 years, before Red Dawn arrived.

• He was never recorded in any public registers, due to the fact he was born in a period where public offices could not be operative.

• His father, when on the throne, made his son very publicly known, wanting his only heir to be popular and respected by the people. Which backfired very badly.

• When his father realised the situation was getting dangerous, he entrusted Leaf to his only really trustworthy and loyal servant, giving him the duty to take the son away from the city and keep him safe until things would become safe again.

• Although Leaf's father was a good dad and loved his son, he was an awful ruler who committed the worst kind of atrocities against the people.

• The father fought till the very end and refused to give up, assuming he was given the chance. And he died.

• The servant kept taking very good care of Leaf, even after the King died and a new ruler came.

• Leaf and the servant lived in a remote village in the mountainside.

• Even in that village, the servant was very careful and never allowed Leaf to go out, in fear that the people would recognize him. Bunny nimox aren't very common.

• Leaf spent 8 years of his life inside that small and poor house with the servant, like a prisoner even if it was only for his safety.
That's one of the main reasons why Leaf has nobody and nothing.

• The servant had a nephew and said boy was the only person beside the servant who Leaf had the chance to interact with.

• When Leaf was 14, he started a relationship with the servant's nephew, who was already 20 at the time. The servant's nephew is his ex.

• Just a few months after getting in a relationship, Leaf moved to live with his boyfriend, who had his home in Guiji.

• The servant died few years later and his family promptly sold his house in the village and took hold of all his possessions.

• Leaf basically moved from a prison in mountainside to one in the city, where he had to be even more careful to never show his face anywhere.

• His ex was pretty wealthy and could fully provide for Leaf without needing him to work.

• His ex, being an abusive and manipulative type, pretty much thrived in the situation. After all, Leaf had nowhere else to go and nobody to ask for help to. And he didn't have anything of his own either, especially money.
Due to his situation, he could not even ask for help to the guards.

• Up to this day, Leaf has no ID badge or document, is not registered anywhere. He's like a clandestine who comes from no country and although it's not a too rare condition in the current world, with all the unclaimed villages outside the borders, he still can't go to an officer to be legalised or he'd risk to be recognized.

• His father was such a cruel and evil tyrant that even after many years, people still hate him deeply and many would literally not hesitate to hurt Leaf if they found out who he is, in fear he could try to take the throne and follow his father's footsteps.

• Due to his situation with documents, Leaf can't actually apply for a proper job with a contract, that would require his information. That's why he didn't go to HaiTien's store yet and keeps working for that suspicious merchant.

• Due to his father being nice to him, Leaf refuses to believe most of the things he heard about him, and rather thinks they were all false rumors that were spread to feed the hate towards a nimox ruler. He was way too little too know the truth about his father's rule.

• When Red Dawn took the throne, there were still many things belonging to Leaf there, including his own residence, even though he actually lived in his father's one, when they were at the Palace.
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